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Collector's Edition 2014 - 2015

200,000 Americans Die Needlessly Each Year

In 2013, the Centers for Disease Control reported that nearly 200,000 avoidable deaths occur each year in the United States from vascular diseases. The CDC described simple changes that can slash risk factors before heart attack or stroke strikes. Life Extension® points out that even more lives could be spared with vigilant annual blood testing.

Green Tea Defends Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Striking new scientific evidence reveals that green tea inhibits Alzheimer’s disease by preventing amyloid plaque formation and creating new brain neurons—resulting in a 54% reduction in the risk of cognitive decline. Neuroimaging scanning now demonstrates how green tea extract boosts activity in an area of the brain specifically used for working memory.


Blood Test That May Save Your Life

Once considered only a marker for inflammation, C-reactive Protein (CRP) now turns out to be a cause of inflammation and associated diseases. A simple CRP blood test can help lower one’s risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Omega-7 Protects Against Metabolic Syndrome

Scientists have uncovered a specific type of omega-7 that is so unique that Harvard Medical School has applied for a patent on it. Omega-7 mitigates many of the underlying factors involved in metabolic syndrome by reducing the risk of type II diabetes, increasing beneficial HDL, reducing inflammation, and helping to prevent the buildup of arterial plaque.

Regenerate Aging Cells

Since 2001, Life Extension® has been seeking a way to reverse a mechanism of aging that may not be adequately addressed by healthy lifestyles. NAD+, a compound found in young cells, turns “off” genes that accelerate degenerative processes. After 13 years of research, an effective and affordable method of boosting cellular NAD+ is finally available.

Bio-Enhanced Compounds Block Inflammatory Pathways

Scientists have identified three compounds—curcumin, ginger, and turmeric oil—that powerfully inhibit the multiple underlying factors behind inflammation. A bio-enhanced process enables the delivery of almost seven times more of these extracts to your bloodstream.

Newly Discovered Benefits Of Vitamin K

New research confirms that vitamin K can slash the risk of arterial calcification, coronary heart disease, cancer, type II diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Most compelling is a study showing that those with the highest intakes of vitamin K are less likely to die from any cause.


As We See It

As We See It: Doctors Fail to Recognize Leading Cause of Death

Excess glucose damages the delicate endothelium that lines our arteries, setting the stage for coronary and cerebral vascular disease. Reducing after-meal glucose levels has the potential to prevent far more death and disease than lowering cholesterol. A recent discovery can make a significant difference in after-meal glucose levels by inhibiting over- production of glucose in the liver, impeding glucose absorption, and improving glucose clearance from the bloodstream.

As We See It

As We See It: Outwit Your Aging Brain

We are zeroing in on a prime culprit behind Alzheimer’s, stroke, and cognitive impairment. The term for this disorder is “hypoperfusion.” It means an inadequate supply of blood to a body part. Hypoperfusion causes a series of harmful changes that severely diminish neurological function. Life Extension® members will find comfort that their healthy life­style choices have been proven to help protect against hypoper­fusion. This article will profoundly change how neurodegenerative disease is viewed. It provides a rational basis to prevent and reverse circulatory deficits that cripple and destroy our aging brains.