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April 2018

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Combat Aging via Artificial Intelligence

Aging disrupts youthful cell- signaling pathways leading to whole-body degeneration. Seeking to mitigate this cellular deficit, researchers used artificial intelligence (A.I.) to assess tens of thousands of signaling pathways. Their findings uncovered three nutrients that can modulate many of the same anti-aging pathways as the drug metformin, and help restore youthful cell signaling.


Boron: An Overlooked Micronutrient

Boron plays a crucial role in maintaining bone health and has important anti-cancer properties. Studies show that boron interferes with the life cycle of the human papillomavirus (HPV), a contributing factor in approximately 95% of all cervical cancers.

Are You Getting the Full Benefits of Drinking Green Tea?

The key factor behind green tea’s many health benefits lies in its rich polyphenol content. A patented processing technology has led to a rich-tasting new tea in quick-dissolving crystal form that boasts three times the polyphenol content of regular green teas.

Homocysteine and Hearing Loss

Recent studies indicate that hearing loss involves damage to brain cells that support hearing—and that elevated homocysteine contributes to this loss. Low-cost B vitamins combat the dangers of high homocysteine and may help prevent age-related hearing loss.

Who Needs Digestive Enzymes?

As we age, our body produces fewer digestive enzymes. Without these enzymes, undigested food passes into the colon, causing bloating, gas, and diarrhea. Supplementing with digestive enzymes before meals assists in the proper breakdown of starch, proteins, fats, cellulose, and milk.


As We See It

Cellular Regeneration Strategy

Aging results in altered cell-to-cell signaling that causes systemic degeneration. Utilizing deep-learning artificial intelligence, scientists have identified a method to restore more youthful cell signaling. This may facilitate leaner body mass, improved cognition, reduced inflammation, more youthful gene expression, and improved cell protein stability.

In The News

Processed meat linked to breast cancer; lithium may improve fetal alcohol syndrome; calcium and vitamin D lower risk of early menopause; and latest protocol in Disease Prevention and Treatment book.



A staple of Eastern cuisine for hundreds of years, ginger can ease arthritis pain and inflammation, fight certain kinds of cancer, and suppress obesity.

Healthy Eating

Bread Is Gold

Famed Italian chef Massimo Bottura has long fought against food waste. In his book, Bread is Gold, the world’s top chefs describe their experiences working with Bottura. We present some of their recipes.

Wellness Profile

Dr. Scott Hoffer, Outrunning Disease and Disability

Dr. Scott Hoffer has spent much of his life running marathons in an attempt to “outrun” his genetic predisposition to disease. Two key events transformed his life: his studies in the mind/body connection and his discovery of Life Extension®.

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