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Life Extension Magazine

July 2018

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Energize Your Brain Cells

PQQ energizes brain cells to improve working memory, boost cerebral blood flow, and limit glucose damage.

New Way to Use Melatonin

Micronized melatonin provides immediate- and extended-release to help one fall asleep—and stay asleep.

Fish Oil Reduces Inflammatory Fires

Chronic inflammation is involved in multiple disorders. Omega-3-rich fish oil rebalances the eicosanoid pathway to safely help reduce inflammation.


As We See It

CoQ10 and Heart Failure

The New England Journal of Medicine reports a 44% decrease in sudden death of heart failure patients from 1995 to 2014. Improved conventional care is partly responsible, but overlooked is explosive growth of CoQ10 supplementation that occurred during this time frame.

In The News

Vitamin D linked to lower diabetes risk; zinc suppresses esophageal cancer; soy reduces cancer treatment side effects; CoQ10 benefits diabetic patients.

Healthy Eating

India Cookbook

Indian cooking uses a wealth of herbs and vegetables to create a delicious, healthy cuisine. In India Cookbook, historian and journalist Pushpesh Pant collects about 1,000 recipes from all of India’s food regions.


Purple Cauliflower

Abundant in anthocyanins, purple cauliflower helps fight cardiovascular disease and provides anti-cancer properties.

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