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Life Extension Magazine

November 2001

The Wizard is Oz

For the last 20 years, New York’s rich and famous have paid big dollars to obtain the nutritional advice of Oz Garcia. Now Life Extension members can discover Oz’s health secrets in this month’s cover story and in his new book, The Healthy High Tech Body.


Are Body Scans Safe?

Considering a body scan to detect n asymptomatic disease? Think again. The amount of radiation exposure is high enough to potentially cause the very diseases that these whole body scans are supposed to find.

Unsafe at any dose

Evidence suggests that there is no such thing as safe radiation. In fact a leading scientist has concluded that exposure to radiation from medical procedures is a highly probable cause of cancer and ischemic heart disease.


In The News

Conventional medicine says extra folic acid and B12 save lives.

Q & A

Q & A

Skin repair, high triglycerides vs. low cholesterol, plus...

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