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Life Extension Magazine

April 2003

A New Day at FDA?

After repeated rulings against them, the Food and Drug Administration has finally relented to the barrage of judicial and social pressures and created the “Better Health Information for Consumers” policy. This this policy, supplement companies can finally make health benefit claims about their products and keep the public accurately inform3ed about the latest research.


A New Light on Vitamin D

Despite being the end product of the skin’s exposure to sunlight, vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common causes of bone disorders such as osteoporosis. Here we discuss the importance of vitamin D, how it affects the body and what to do if you’re running low. Plus, leading vitamin D research Dr. Michael Holick shares his views on this underrated nutrient.

Vitamin D: The Underrated Essential

Despite being one of the most crucial components of healthy bones, a protector against cancer and diabetes, and a valuable component of the immune system, vitamin D has gone largely unnoticed in the public eye. To uncover some of the benefits of this underrated nutrient, Life Extension spoke with Dr. Michael F. Holick, a vitamin D researcher at Boston University's Medical Center and the author of The UV Advantage.

Biotechnology and the Future of Medicine

The debate over the use of embryonic stem cells in research may be drawing to a close sooner than you think. Researchers in Canada have recently unveiled a new technique that uses a patient’s own immature stem cells to combat disease and prevent tissue rejection.

Silicon: An Overlooked Trace Mineral

Silicon is an abundant trace mineral required for the proper health and stability of bones, yet deficiencies are common. In this article, we focus on the benefits of silicon, how to keep it in your diet and the efficacy of silicon supplements.


In The News

Cooking tomatoes for a healthy heart, limiting calories reduces cancer risk, CoQ10 relieves migraine headaches.

Q & A

Q & A

Caffeine in green tea, amino acids aid bone repair and policosanol intake.

Medical Updates

Medical Updates

Studies from around the world that can help you live longer.

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