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Life Extension Magazine

November 2006

Suzanne Somers: The Secret To Being Ageless

In her new book Ageless, Suzanne Somers teams up with America's foremost anti-aging physicians to present a scientifically validated approach to hormone replacement that can help aging men and women regain their youthful vitality and strengthen their defenses against age-related diseases.


Newly Discovered Benefits Of DHEA

The drastic decline in DHEA that occurs in maturing adults coincides with the onset of a host of age-related diseases. New research shows that DHEA protects against atherosclerosis, improves insulin sensitivity, increases bone mass, and promotes well-being.

Do You Need Hormone Replacement?

While mainstream doctors often ignore the importance of hormone balance, empowered patients can easily measure their hormone status and safely implement a customized and sciencebased natural hormone restoration program.

Fight Back Against Colds And Flu

Each winter, tens of millions of Americans are stricken with debilitating and sometimes lethal infectious diseases. Find out how to activate critical immune components to better combat seasonal illnesses before they take hold in the body.

Overlooked Benefits Of Selenium

Medical authorities continue to overlook the lifesaving benefits of the low-cost mineral selenium. New research demonstrates that selenium not only confers protection against a wide range of cancers, but also quenches chronic inflammatory fires.


As We See It

As We See It

In 1952, John Diebold was ridiculed for advocating that businesses use computers to enhance productivity. Diebold's work eventually transformed American business. Like John Diebold, Suzanne Somers has endured criticism from the establishment for advocating another idea that's ahead of its time: using bioidentical hormone replacement to reverse the symptoms of aging. With her new book Ageless, Suzanne is spreading her message to millions of men and women.

In The News

Berry extracts confer potent brain health benefits; citrus peel extract promotes insulin sensitivity; sulforaphane guards against blindness in elderly; migraine with "aura" may raise cardiovascular risk; magnesium may help manage asthma in children; lutein deficiency linked to arterial disease; vitamin K supports bone health and prevents fractures.

All About Supplements

All About Supplements

The rich mixture of phytonutrients contained in the bilberry has been shown to confer broad-ranging protection to the eyes and cardiovascular system.

Ask The Doctor

Ask The Doctor

Julius G. Goepp, MD, discusses nutritional supplements that have been shown to be beneficial in managing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).


Wellness Profile

Philip Lee Miller, MD, underwent a personal health transformation to become one of America’s foremost anti-aging physicians.

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