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Life Extension Magazine

August 2006

Health Freedom Under Attack

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, maker of drugs like Premarin® and Prempro®, has asked the FDA to deny Americans access to bioidentical hormone replacement therapies sold by compounding pharmacies. Learn why Wyeth's petition is nothing more than an attempt to manipulate the FDA into suppressing Americans' access to safer and less expensive hormone drugs, and what you can do to turn back this egregious assault on health freedom.


How Jack LaLanne Defies Aging

The name Jack LaLanne is synonymous with health and fitness. In an exclusive interview, Jack explains how daily exercise, proper diet, and targeted dietary supplements keep him going strong at the age of 91.

New Strategies for Hypertension

Antihypertensive drugs do not adequately control blood pressure in most people. Lifestyle changes, pharmaceuticals, and novel nutritional strategies can provide for optimal blood pressure management.

Unexpected Benefits of CoQ10

CoQ10’s health benefits now include reducing skin cancer risk and photoaging, guarding against prostate and breast cancers, and averting endothelial dysfunction and vascular disease.

Natural Analgesic Fights Pain

Natural Relief 1222™ is an all-natural analgesic cream that has been shown to provide safe, effective relief for aging adults suffering the chronic pain associated with conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Condemned to Death by Medicine

A far-ranging, meticulously documented survey demonstrates that America’s government-sanctioned medical system is the leading cause of deaths and injuries in the United States today.


As We See It

As We See It

More than 50 years ago, the US government criminally prosecuted Preston Tucker, a visionary who was ready to mass-produce safer and less expensive cars. The reason for this attack is that Preston Tucker posed a competitive threat to established US automakers. Learn how the government’s illegal seizure of the Tucker Automobile Company delayed the introduction of safety features that could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Today, the government continues to conspire against the public, consorting with drug companies that seek to deny Americans access to lower-priced drugs from other countries, safer drugs from compounding pharmacies, and natural alternatives to dangerous pharmaceuticals.

In The News

Magnesium reduces metabolic syndrome risk; melatonin may protect against Alzheimer's; resveratrol reduces stroke risk; Mediterranean diet benefits vascular system; and more.

All About Supplements

All About Supplements

An often-overlooked trace mineral, boron promotes bone health and also helps to relieve joint pain, reduce the risk of prostate cancer, and preserve cognitive function.

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