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August 2007

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Searching for Immortality

As CNN’s top medical correspondent and a practicing neurosurgeon, Sanjay Gupta, MD, traveled around the globe looking for the latest in life extension science. Here, he discusses his search for biological immortality, along with his personal longevity program.


Novel Method To Protect Oral Health

Evidence links periodontal disease with heart attack, stroke, diabetes, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. Read how to reduce gingivitis, control plaque, and enhance overall oral health.

Manage Stress And Anxiety-Naturally!

Two plant extracts have demonstrated remarkable efficacy in reducing stress and anxiety—without side effects. These natural agents not only induce relaxation, but also enhance cognitive function.

Are Americans Overdosing On Lipitor®?

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer advises doctors to prescribe the maximum dosage of Lipitor®. While this may reduce cholesterol, people taking these mega-doses are dying at higher rates from other causes.

Skin Care Masks

Since ancient times, nutrient-rich mixtures have been applied as facial masks to treat conditions ranging from acne to dry, aging skin. New skin care techniques provide facial rejuvenation naturally.



Dangers Of Cell Phone Radiation

While the communications industry insists that cell phones are safe, abundant evidence indicates that radiation from cell phones poses deadly health risks. Find out how to limit dangerous radiation.

As We See It

As We See It

Congress frequently circulates legislation that provides greater power to the pharmaceutical industry, while penalizing those who offer alternatives to expensive prescription drugs. Find out how to fight back against special interests that seek to destroy free market competition.

Ask The Pharmacist

Ask The Pharmacist

Metformin can diminish the body’s stores of crucial nutrients such as vitamin B12. Here’s how you can prevent side effects associated with this popular anti-diabetic drug.

In The News

Life Extension sponsors breast cancer trial; rhodiola offsets stress; aspirin reduces cancer risk; low vitamin D decreases performance; FDA ignores Avandia® risk; green tea may fight arthritis; discovery of life extension gene, melatonin may delay menopause; and more.


Wellness Profile

Mark Hyman, MD, is promoting a new paradigm of health care that offsets the diseases of aging through a combination of Eastern, Western, and functional medicine.

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