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January 2008

Merv Griffin’s Tragic Death From Prostate Cancer

Merv Griffin’s death from prostate cancer highlights the nened for better preventive strategies. While a complacent government ignores the dangers of unhealthy diets, new studies show that American men can sharply reduce their prostate cancer risk if they consume the proper foods.


Lignans Protect Against Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is an epidemic malignancy striking aging men. New research demonstrates that consumption of plant lignans may sharply reduce the incidence of this disabling and too often lethal cancer.

How DHA Fish Oil Boosts Brain Function

The DHA fraction of omega-3 fatty acids has been shown to provide wide-ranging benefi ts for infant and adult brains. In addition to improving cognitive performance, researchers have found that DHA can play an important role in reducing the symptoms of depression, anxiety disorders, and anger.

Why So Many Elderly Need Digestive Enzymes

As we age, our ability to properly digest food declines. One reason for this is a depletion of pancreatic enzymes used by the body to break down proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and other dietary constituents. Replacement of these key enzymes can markedly improve digestion.

Early Detection Of Prostate Cancer

Recent advances in PSA (prostate-specifi c antigen) testing can enable men to detect prostate cancer at an early and curable stage. This article provides important updated information about screening tests every man over forty should consider.



Novel Method To Heal Aging Stomachs

Chronic stomach problems can create minor discomfort in the short term, but cause long-term problems ranging from ulcers to cancer. Find out which nutrients help protect then delicate stomach lining against the H. pylori bacterium and other common insults.

In The News

Green tea protects against neuronal degeneration; curcumin helps treat brain tumors; high-carb diet linked to eye disease; vitamin D lowers cancer risk; CoQ10 relieves migraines; vitamin C, linoleic acid slow skin aging; therapy; Boswellia ingredient fi ghts prostate cancer; omega-3s lower diabetes risk; and more.


Super Foods

Sesame seeds contain unique lignans that work in synergy with the body’s disease-fi ghting mechanisms. Read how these versatile seeds can provide powerful defense against chronic aging-related diseases, such as heart disease and cancer.

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