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November 2009

A Natural Approach to Erectile Dysfunction that Improves Vascular Health

Men suffering erectile dysfunction seldom realize that endothelial dysfunction is a stealth cause of their sex problems. While prescription drugs offer short term relief coupled with insidious side effects, they do nothing to prevent plaque buildup in the arteries, a root cause of erectile dysfunction. A unique combination of natural ingredients has been shown in five different clinical studies to restore sexual function while supporting endothelial health.


Prevent Glycation-Induced Skin Aging with Topical Nutrients

Collagen fibers provide the skin’s underlying structural support. Glycation reduces the ability of collagen fiber to regenerate, leading to skin wrinkling and sagging. Low cost topical solutions containing extracts from blueberry, pomegranate, and other fruits have demonstrated profound age-reversal effects in a human clinical trial. The anti-glycation effects of these plant extracts resulted in younger looking skin in these aging women.

Pomegranate: Favorably Modulates Gene Expression

Researchers have unlocked another key to pomegranate’s vast health benefits. By inducing favorable alterations in gene expression, pomegranate protects against cancer, atherosclerosis, and the devastating effects of type II diabetes—and helps defend against the debilitating aging process.

The “Unimportant” Molecule That May Help Cure Cancer

In its race for costly new products, Big Pharma is spending hundreds of millions of dollars for FDA “approval” to rename and repackage a bioidentical hormone called 2-methoxyestradiol as Panzem®. With its strong cancer fighting potential, Dr. Jonathan V. Wright says that the battle to prevent Big Pharma from selling this natural hormone at obscene profits has begun.

Progesterone: May Improve Outcomes from Brain Injury

Neuroscientist Donald G. Stein, PhD and his colleagues have made a stunning discovery—that the hormone progesterone confers profound neuroprotective effects that reduce mortality following brain injuries. The tremendous results of these findings can lead to improvements in treating strokes, spinal cord injuries, and multiple sclerosis.


As We See It

As We See It

Pfizer will cease development of medicine to prevent or treat atherosclerotic heart disease. We at Life Extension® believe that Pfizer’s capitulation is based on the abundance of nutritional products that are vastly superior in preventing and reversing heart disease.

Wellness Profile

Wellness Profile

Dr. Laurie Ann Levin, has been a top Hollywood agent and a successful movie producer. She now stars as the founder of the Moonview Sanctuary, a facility dedicated to restoring optimal health in individuals.

In The News

Higher vitamin B6 levels correlated with 78% lower heart attack risk in women; and more.


Super Foods

From fighting cancer to taming tonsillitis, horseradish is a potent perennial plant that can be used to combat a number of disorders.

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