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February 2010

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Reap Benefits of Calorie Restriction without Chronic Hunger

Research conducted over the last 75 years in mammals confirms that consuming fewer calories induces extraordinary anti-aging effects, from radically extended life span to reduced disease incidence and improved blood markers of health. A recently completed 20-year primate study provides the most compelling evidence to date that even modest caloric restriction may bring about these benefits to humans. In this issue, we offer practical ways to trigger the same physiological mechanisms as caloric restriction—without having to endure drastic dietary deprivation.


Activate Your Longevity Genes: Five Natural Compounds Simulate Caloric Restriction

Modern science has only recently begun to unravel the mystery behind how calorie restriction extends life span and improves overall health. One of the most astounding revelations about calorie restriction is its power to turn on “youthful” genes and turn off “senescent” genes. Most people, however, find it difficult to sufficiently reduce the amount of food they consume. The incredible news is that five natural compounds have been identified that simulate many of the favorable gene expression changes observed during calorie restriction.

Reverse Mitochondrial Damage

Age-related deterioration of the mitochondria in our cells is associated with an array of deadly conditions, ranging from senility to diabetes and heart failure. Researchers have recently discovered that this deadly process can be reversed with cellular energizers that help restore and preserve mitochondrial function.

Optimal Prostate Defense

Prostate disorders remain a modern scourge, with half of adult men eventually suffering benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate), and 186,000 developing prostate cancer each year. An advanced extraction technology now delivers even higher concentrations of the active ingredients in saw palmetto. Here we review the most effective natural compounds to support the aging prostate gland.


In The News

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Wellness Profile

Wellness Profile: The Annie Appleseed Foundation

Ann Fonfa’s personal quest to get answers about effective complementary alternative medicines to battle cancer resulted in the creation of The Annie Appleseed Project, a world renowned cancer education center.