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Collector's Edition 2010/2011

Deadly FDA Neglect

Decades after Life Extension® exposed the lethal toxicity of acetaminophen, the mounting death toll caused by this painrelieving drug fi nally forced the FDA to act. While the FDA’s feeble actions will reduce the carnage somewhat, the acute and long– term effects of acetaminophen will continue to land thousands of Americans in emergency rooms and morgues each year. Conventional physicians meanwhile ignore non-toxic interventions to help relieve chronic pain.


How Aging Humans Can Slow and Reverse Atherosclerosis

Scientists long ago documented the ability of HDL to cleanse aging arteries of atherosclerotic plaque. Only recently, however, has the critical role of a little-known enzyme been discovered that protects HDL functionality in the aged. The assuring news is that nutrients used by most Life Extension® members significantly increase blood levels of this HDL-enhancing enzyme.

Is Conventional Pomegranate Extract Enough?

From heart disease and obesity to cancer prevention, the benefits of the pomegranate fruit have been thoroughly documented. Now scientists are discovering unique properties in the flower and seed of the pomegranate plant. These findings are of particular importance to those suffering chronic inflammatory conditions as well as excess glucose and lipid blood levels.

The Overlooked Compound That Saves Lives

Forty years of clinical research confirm the power of N-acetylcysteine to protect against various forms of pulmonary disease. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies co-opted it years ago for use in patented drugs. Overlooked is the ability of this little-known nutrient to combat many of today’s leading causes of death.

Circulating Tumor Cell Assays: A Major Advance in Cancer Treatment

An extraordinary technological breakthrough enables doctors to detect circulating tumor cells in your blood. This test provides a powerful new weapon in the fight against cancer by allowing doctors to identify metastatic cells that break away from the primary tumor.

FDA-approved Drugs Fail to Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke

Recent headlines about a cholesterol-lowering drug demonstrate how medical apathy generates enormous confusion over which drugs actually work. Outdated guidelines for measuring risk factors in the blood are a big part of the problem. Fortunately, Life Extension® members find out what optimal levels of cardiac risk markers are before they suffer a heart attack.

You Are Eating More Calories Than You Think

A startling Mayo Clinic analysis confirms that millions of normal-weight people are ingesting more calories than their bodies can utilize, significantly jeopardizing their health and longevity. The good news is a unique class of plant extracts simulates some of the effects of reduced caloric intake at the genetic level. Find out how the latest of these advanced calorie restriction mimetics enhances the benefits of resveratrol.

Curb Compulsive Eating Naturally

Do you routinely eat more than you mean to? Your problem may be more than a matter of self-control. A historic study reveals the brain chemistry behind compulsive eating and drug addiction is identical. The good news is a newly identified saffron extract targets these neurochemical factors, helping to curb appetite and reduce caloric intake.

Halt the Vicious Cycle of Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract bacterial infections account for millions of office visitsand over $1 billion in healthcare costs annually. A newly discoverednatural agent offers women potent protection from this painful affliction.

Brittle Bones and Hardened Arteries: The Hidden Link

While most people now know they need to maintain optimal levels of vitamin D, conventional medicine has failed to alert them to the equally vital need for vitamin K. Here we detail how both of these synergistic nutrients are required to combat atherosclerosis and osteoporosis, two prevalent and life-threatening degenerative diseases.

New Human Study Confirms Potent Antidepressant Effects of SAMe

Research funded by the National Institute of Mental Health confirms that S-adenosylmethinone or SAMe exerts potent antidepressant effects when combined with SSRIs. The results of this compelling new human study are detailed, along with SAMe’s ability to protect against degenerative diseases of the brain, liver, and joints.

The Drug Virtually Everyone Should Ask their Doctor About

Exciting new findings reveal that virtually all aging individuals can benefit from the anti-diabetic drug metformin. The latest studies uncover the ability of metformin to slash cancer risk, rein in blood sugar, trigger weight loss—and mimic other favorable effects of calorie restriction!

Halt Age-Related Muscle Loss

Half of all Americans are at risk of the progressive loss of vital muscle tissue, a condition called sarcopenia. Find out how a novel plant protein blend can halt this erosion of muscle tissue and induce favorable antiaging properties throughout the body.


As We See It

Startling Low Testosterone Blood Levels in Male Life Extension Members

An analysis of blood tests of male Life Extension members reveals alarming rates of testosterone deficiency. Aside from waning sexual performance, depression, and diminished strength, low testosterone has been definitively linked to men’s risk of death from all causes. Fortunately, men don’t have to guess their testosterone status. Comprehensive blood testing reveals the level of free testosterone so that aging men can restore it to youthful ranges.

As We See It

Startling Findings About Vitamin D Levels in Life Extension® Members

Inadequate vitamin D intake is linked to virtually every age-related disorder including cancer, vascular disease, and chronic inflammation. People with higher vitamin D levels contract substantially fewer viral infections. An analysis of over 13,000 vitamin D blood tests reveals that most Life Extension members are not taking enough of this critical nutrient.

As We See It

Why Estrogen Balance is Critical to Men’s Health

Life Extension® has long warned of the lethal dangers of estrogen imbalance in aging men. A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association confirms a strong link to male mortality based on estrogen blood levels. Fortunately, most male Life Extension members test their estrogen blood levels annually and take steps to maintain optimal balance.