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Life Extension Magazine

March 2011

Launch Interactive Issue

No Real Healthcare Cost Crisis

For the past four decades, Life Extension® has warned that corrupt legislation and suffocating FDA regulation will bankrupt the United States. That day of reckoning is approaching as the government is rapidly losing the ability to subsidize the economically unsustainable healthcare costs it has created. Here we detail how inefficient and fraudulent government edicts have led to today’s disease-care crisis—and how this catastrophe can be averted with commonsense changes to the law.


Can Blueberry Extracts Halt Metabolic Syndrome?

Today, 24% of Americans endure the deadly metabolic syndrome—the co-occurrence of insulin resistance, hypertension, obesity, and abnormal blood lipid profiles. Find out how blueberry extracts may effectively target these factors and halt this lethal pandemic.

The Chemistry of Calm

Forty million Americans suffer from some form of anxiety disorder. The problems with anti-anxiety drugs are addiction, lost efficacy, and a host of side effects. In this exclusive excerpt from his latest book, The Chemistry of Calm, psychiatrist Henry Emmons outlines proven natural strategies to safely manage anxiety.

How Curcumin Protects Against Cancer

As mainstream oncology misguidedly focuses on toxic, single-agent treatments, a wealth of compelling data puts curcumin at the forefront of multimodal cancer prevention.

The Benefits of a CR Way™ Diet

Thousands of scientific studies over the past 75 years have shown that low-calorie diets with optimal nutrition protect against disease and extend life span. Yet many find eating fewer calories difficult or unsatisfying. Discover efficient methods of following a reduced calorie diet.


In The News

Longevity linked to carotene intake; omega-3s combat age-related macular degeneration; and more.


Ginger, Good for What Ails You

Traditional cultures have relied on ginger for treating a wide variety of ailments for thousands of years. Modern research has validated its effi cacy. Thanks to an extensive phenolic profi le, ginger can relieve dozens of common conditions, including migraine, upper respiratory infections, rheumatoid arthritis, morning sickness, and more.

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