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Life Extension Magazine

July 2011

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Beyond Eye Health

Celebrity physician Dr. Oz recently touted astaxanthin as “The #1 Supplement You’ve Never Heard of That You Should Be Taking.” Life Extension® members have been taking it for years to combat eye fatigue. An abundance of fresh scientific evidence reveals astaxanthin may also combat cancer, heart disease, and more.

Novel Citrus Extract Blocks Deadly Cancer Cell Signaling

Cancer cells must communicate with one another in order to proliferate and metastasize. Avante-garde researchers are finding that a specific form of modified citrus pectin disrupts their lines of communication, slowing cancer’s progress and improving prognosis.

Protection from Disease: The CR Way

For the past 76 years, scientific studies have confirmed the pro-longevity effects of calorie restriction. Most people erroneously believe adhering to a reduced calorie diet while staying optimally nourished is nearly impossible. Find out how easy it really is—and the latest supportive human data.


Wellness Profile

Profile: A Strong Life at Any Age

At 59 years old, fitness celebrity Dr. Jeffry Life was obese and pre-diabetic, with high cholesterol and low energy. Today, at a robust 72, the former Grand Champion in the 1998 Body-for-LIFE Contest boasts a rock-hard physique and the know-how to apply the principles of body transformation to his medical practice. Here he reveals the cornerstones of his fitness regime, including supplementation with vitamin D3, CoQ10, saw palmetto, lycopene, and French maritime pine bark extract and hormone replacement.

In The News

CoQ10 supplementation improves endothelial function; fish oil enhances effects of tamoxifen; high C-reactive protein levels associated with memory decline; and more.


Superfoods: The Awesome Apple

"An apple a day" keeps the doctor away” isn’t just a phrase—it’s a medical fact. Apples contain triterpenoids, compounds with potent anti-cancer activity, especially in preventing cancers of the breast, colon, and liver.

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