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June 2012

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Suzanne Somers’s Quest to Educate the World About How to Delay Aging

Suzanne Somers’s new book, Bombshell, exposes the limitations of current medical thinking and enlightens the public to what Life Extension® members long ago learned about delaying and reversing aging. With interviews from leading scientists and physicians, Bombshell provides a roadmap for what the future of medicine is likely to be. This exclusive chapter excerpt reveals 18 major age promoters and how you can stop them.


Rejuvenate Your Aging Skin

Skin aging is a multi-factorial process, which means that comprehensive skin rejuvenation requires more than a single agent. With the discovery of 10 new validated anti-aging compounds, a nutrient-rich serum has been formulated that ensures deeper dermal penetration and optimal skin appearance.

Carnosine: A Proven Longevity Factor

Carnosine is concentrated in the brain, heart, and muscles. Studies have shown that carnosine slows the aging of human cells and protects against age-inducing processes such as glycation and mitochondrial dysfunction. Carnosine levels in the body plummet as humans age, making supplementation a key component of an age-delaying program.

Fight Heart Disease by Activating a Protective Enzyme

An enzyme found in the body called PON1 provides natural protection against atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. Researchers have found that pomegranate extracts boost the multiple benefits of PON1, which increases HDL efficacy and supports healthy endothelial function.

New Reason to Avoid Stress

Scientists have discovered that stress can accelerate aging by shortening the body’s telomeres. Fortunately, natural extracts can serve as adaptogens that normalize the body against the assault of both internal and external stressors. Research has shown that four natural adaptogens can modulate multiple pathways to protect against the physiological damage caused by stress.


As We See It

The Testosterone Controversy

The benefits of testosterone in protecting against heart disease and metabolic disorders are well documented. Low testosterone is associated with excess abdominal fat, loss of insulin sensitivity, and atherosclerosis. This analysis discusses the testosterone debate and why it is critical for men to know what their testosterone blood levels are.

Book Review

In The News

DHA preserves brain volume; vitamin D relieves menstrual symptoms; taurine protects against coronary heart disease; lutein and zeaxanthin guard against cataracts and more.

Ask The Pharmacist

Ask the Pharmacist

Many leading pharmaceuticals create nutrient deficiencies that are often mistaken for drug side effects. In her new book, Drug Muggers, pharmacist Suzy Cohen advises on how targeted supplementation can help you avoid the hidden dangers created by common pharmaceuticals.

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