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August 2012

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Potential Danger Of Calcium Supplements

A recent study showed that calcium supplements (by themselves) may increase heart attack risk. Omitted was data showing that magnesium and vitamin K2 prevent cardiovascular disease by shielding soft tissues against deadly calcification. Find out who makes the most popular supplements in America and how these poorly designed formulas can accelerate occlusion of arteries in the heart and brain.


Pycnogenol®: Multi-Modal Defense Against Aging

Pycnogenol®, a plant extract from the French Maritime pine tree, has been shown to modulate five major mechanisms of aging. Laboratory results demonstrate significant improvements in skin elasticity, blood glucose, cellular function, and capillary health with the use of this broad spectrum phyto-compound.

Safely Manage Joint Inflammation: Curcumin

Most physicians treat rheumatoid and osteoarthritis pain with side effect-laden prescription drugs. A recent clinical trial reports that BCM-95®,—a superior-absorbing curcumin complex, safely circumvents multiple inflammatory targets rather than simply masking arthritis pain.

Don't Overlook Your Thyroid

The thyroid affects every cell in your body and is a key regulator of your energy, metabolism, and body weight. Too frequently, physicians overlook a malfunctioning thyroid as a cause for fatigue, lack of concentration, and even hair loss! Eva Cwynar, MD, explains why it is essential to test your thyroid, especially as you age.

Skin Protection Effects Of Vitamin E

Everyday sun exposure, pollutants, and free radical damage accelerate skin aging and collagen destruction. Scientists have discovered that topical application of the gamma tocotrienol form of vitamin E regulates gene signals in the skin to reduce common causes of skin deterioration.


In The News

Blueberries and strawberries delay cognitive aging; resveratrol reduces cardiovascular risk; testosterone linked to weight loss in obese men; apigenin slows progression of breast cancer and more.

Wellness Profile

Dr. Erika Schwartz: Bioidentical Expertise

As founder of the Bioidentical Hormone Initiative, Erika Schwartz, MD, educates physicians from around the globe on the multiple benefits and correct usage of bioidenticals despite the onslaught of money and opposition from pharmaceutical companies.

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