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November 2013

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Suzanne Somers

It’s no accident that Suzanne Somers has become a leading health advocate for women who refuse to accept the debilitating impact of aging . From battling cancer to restoring natural hormone balance, Suzanne is today’s crusader in recommending novel solutions to defend women against degenerative aging. Her new book is the next step in her journey … and maybe in yours.


Novel Way To Block Esophageal Reflux

A variety of drugs reduce stomach acid, but none prevent the backwash of stomach contents into the esophagus that exacerbates heartburn and increases esophageal cancer risk. A natural, raft-forming alginate can provide esophageal relief by blocking reflux of stomach contents into the esophagus…without drugs!

Replenish Female Hormones While Guarding Against Risks

Concern about cancer is why more aging women do not restore their sex hormones to youthful levels. Compelling evidence indicates that natural progesterone, along with a healthy diet and nutrients such as indole-3-carbinol may slash cancer risk.

New Enzyme Mitigates Lactose Intolerance

People with lactose intolerance must avoid milk products otherwise diarrhea, gas, nausea, abdominal bloating, and cramps can result. Lactose intolerance, left untreated, can lead to nutritional deficiencies. Researchers in Europe have developed an advanced lactase enzyme formulation that restores the ability to safely digest lactose without stomach distress.

2012 Molecular Genetics Of Aging Conference

Our understanding of the role genetics plays in deleterious aging processes is rapidly expanding, thanks to gatherings like the 2012 Molecular Genetics of Aging Conference, where over 100 presentations and 80 poster sessions were given by the world’s leading experts on genetics and aging. Life Extension attended this conference and reveals innovations that may lead to substantively extended human life spans.

Fight Skin Aging With Coffee Extracts

Age and ultraviolet radiation cause unsightly alterations to facial skin. International researchers have discovered that topically applied coffee bean extracts help reverse photo-damage and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


As We See It

As We See It

A dispute has raged as to whether maturing women should replace their sex hormones. When theWomen’s Health Initiative study showed these drugs increased risk of breast cancer andvascular disease, a stampede to halt their use ensued. Life Extension long ago built a strong caseagainst synthetic progestin in favor of natural progesterone. A new study provides further evidence that synthetic progestin is the villain. Furthermore, a combined analysis from 27 published studies reveals a 28% reduction in mortality in menopausal women under age 60 who replace their sex hormones.

In The News

Iron accumulation in the brain may cause Alzheimer’s disease; even “safe” levels of sugar may reduce life span; EPA improves insulin sensitivity; omega-3 deficiency contributes to teen psychological disorders; red meat linked with risk of type II diabetes; and much more.



Raspberries stand out for their wealthy supply of ellagitannins. Studies show that these difficult-to-find phenolic compounds, along with the raspberry’s rich content of anthocyanins, provide potent anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties.

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