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November 2014

Launch Interactive Issue

George Hamilton: Secrets From One Of Hollywood's Leading Men

In an exclusive interview, 75-year-old Hollywood legend George Hamilton reveals his plan to live 120 years or more. He discusses not only his incredible career, but also his dedication to a healthier lifestyle that includes calorie restriction, nutrient-rich foods, meditation, exercise, cleanses, and supplements.


Regenerate Aging Cells

Since 2001, Life Extension® has been seeking a way to reverse a mechanism of aging that may not be adequately addressed by healthy lifestyles. NAD+, a compound found in young cells, turns “off” genes that accelerate degenerative processes. After 13 years of research, an effective and affordable method of boosting cellular NAD+ is finally available.

Revitalizing Skin From The Inside Out

With aging, skin loses lipids called ceramides, resulting in wrinkles, age spots, and dry patches. Studies verify that taking a ceramide extract orally allows ceramides to enter the bloodstream and produce moist, supple, and more youthful-looking skin from the inside out.

Boost Endothelial Health

Despite billions spent on cholesterol-lowering drugs, cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death. Mainstream medicine overlooks the critical role of the endothelium (inner arterial lining) in maintaining vascular health. Studies continue to reveal that pomegranate protects the endothelium via multiple mechanisms.

Exclusive Genetics And Longevity Conference Report

Topics covered at this year’s Genetics of Aging and Longevity Conference included a new cryoprotectant that preserves transplant organs, the creation of artificial organs from stem cells, and the development of artificial human chromosomes to correct genetic defects.

Rejuvenate Aging Hands

The skin on the top of the hands reveals your real age. But it’s possible to turn back “the hands of time” with a new, topical serum that comprises six novel compounds that reduce hyperpigmentation, restore plumpness, and smooth wrinkles.


As We See It

As We See It

When aging bodies lose their ability to repair DNA damage, the result is illness and death. In a recent study, scientists cultured E. coli bacteria to resist high-intensity radiation, enabling DNA repair to increase to the point it could withstand 1,000 times the radiation that would kill humans. This study indicates how we may be able to engineer our own human genes to ward off degenerative aging processes.

In The News

Omega-3 decreases ALS risk; vitamin D cuts colon cancer deaths; lower bone density increases odds of heart failure; lycopene enhances endothelial health; calorie restriction doubles animal life span; and more.

Wellness Profile

Wellness Profile

Billionaire scientist and businessman J. Craig Venter plans to collect the genomes of 40,000 patients per year. Venter wants to create a database to offer insight into the secrets of aging and change the way medicine is practiced.

Ask The Doctor

Ask The Doctor

Life Extension’s own Dr. Michael A. Smith discusses alternative mammogram screening options, including ultrasound and MRI.

Author Interview

Author Interview

In their book, Toxin, Toxout, leading environmentalists and best-selling authors Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie lay out practical and often surprising advice for removing dangerous environmental chemicals from our homes—and ourselves.

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