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April 2014

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CoQ10: Proven to Save Lives of Heart Failure Patients

A ten-year study published in the European Journal of Heart Failure demonstrated that CoQ10 dramatically improves survival in severe heart failure patients. The study went even further to show that those taking CoQ10 were less likely to die from heart failure, less likely to die from any cause, and half as likely to have a major cardiac event compared with control subjects.


Omega-7 Protects Against Metabolic Syndrome

Scientists have uncovered a specific type of omega-7 that is so unique that Harvard Medical School has applied for a patent on it. Omega-7 mitigates many of the underlying factors involved in metabolic syndrome by reducing the risk of type II diabetes, increasing beneficial HDL, reducing inflammation, and helping to prevent the buildup of arterial plaque.

SAMe: Benefits Beyond Depression

Research has shown that SAMe is often just as effective as certain drugs in alleviating depression and boosting mood health. Going beyond depression, scientists have now found a wealth of anti-aging benefits of SAMe in protecting against Alzheimer’s, osteoarthritis, liver disease, and encouraging critical DNA repair.

Google Wants to Extend Your Life Span

While government and private funds are spent attempting to find cures for specific diseases, little funding has been focused on curing the disease of aging. But now behemoth Google has committed significant money to undertake visionary projects aimed at eventually reversing the aging process. Ideally, Google’s bold step will encourage more wealthy individuals to support age-reversal research.

Novel Peptides Target Wrinkle Formation

Fine lines and wrinkles occur when environmental factors overwhelm the body’s ability to maintain critical biochemical processes, resulting in DNA damage and loss of skin elasticity. Scientists have discovered three peptides that work within skin cells to inhibit this aging effect. Studies show a 28% reversal in the appearance of deep wrinkles within minutes, with results continuing for months.

The Supplement Pyramid: Build A Personalized Nutrition Regimen

Many people pursuing a healthy lifestyle are overwhelmed by the endless variety and choices of supplements. Life Extension’s medical expert, Dr. Michael Smith has designed the three-tiered Supplement Pyramid tailored to meet specific, personalized nutri­tional needs.


As We See It

As We See It: Unsustainable Drug Prices

A report authored by over 100 oncologists noted that of the twelve new cancer drugs approved in 2012, eleven were priced above $100,000 a year! These doctors conclude that the prices of many of these drugs “ are too high, unsustainable, may compromise access of needy patients to highly effective therapy, and are harmful to the sustainability of our national healthcare systems .” These revelations from inside the cancer establishment will not sur­prise Life Extension members, who long ago learned how regulatory strangleholds over drug development inflict harsh economic pain.

Book Review

Author Interview

In his latest book, The Restoration of the Human Body, Sergey A. Dzugan, MD, PhD addresses an overlooked cause of disease—the breakdown in the ratios of hormones within the body, along with a lack of minerals and vitamins.

In The News

Multivitamins reduce risk of colorectal polyps: lower heart disease risk found with higher omega-3 intake; metformin benefits for prostate cancer; and much more.

Wellness Profile

Wellness Profile

Ross Pelton R. Ph., author of the new book The Pill Problem, believes that oral contraceptives and other prescription drugs are a major cause of nutrient deficiency. This long-time Life Extension® member explains that a good overall nutritional supplement program can compensate for the majority of drug-induced side effects.

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