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November 2015

Launch Interactive Issue

AMPK and Aging

A growing body of evidence sug­gests that boosting AMPK activity can prevent and even reverse, the life-shortening effects of aging. Insufficient AMPK activity may be related to virtually all pathological aging processes. Research indicates that restoring AMPK not only increases longevity, but works to fight the symptoms of aging in individual body systems.


Boron Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk

Compelling evidence indicates that the trace mineral boron plays an important role in protecting men against deadly prostate cancer by selectively killing prostate cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed. Adequate boron levels are associated with a 64% reduced risk of prostate cancer as well as a reduction in PSA levels.

How To Obtain Optimal Benefits From Selenium

By protecting DNA, eliminating toxins, boosting immunity, and optimizing thyroid function, the proper forms of selenium have been shown to impede heart disease, certain cancers, immune senescence, and premature death.

The Link Between Vitamin C And Optimal Immunity

Most animals internally synthesize high amounts of vitamin C. Humans lack this ability and are entirely dependent on dietary or supplement ascorbate sources to remain alive. In addition to its vital role in maintaining the body’s collagen structure, vitamin C augments numerous components of the immune system.

How To Improve Your Odds Of Successful Cataract Surgery

To avoid being among the 15,000 who have serious complications from cataract surgery, including blindness, it is important to learn how to select your eye surgeon. In addition, we include a tragic, first-person account of a routine cataract surgery that left the author blind in one eye. The intent of this article is to help you avoid becoming a statistic.

Novel Strategy To Restore Youthful Facial Contour

The effects of gravity and sun exposure break down elastin and collagen, resulting in your skin’s loss of resilience and firmness. A newly identified peptide triggers new production of elastin and collagen, while three extracts suppress free radicals, block UV damage, and boost the moisture in your skin by 51%—for more defined, younger-looking skin.

The Microbiome Of Aging And Age-Related Disease Conference

At the world’s first microbiome conference, scientists presented compelling new information on microbial cells and their critical effects on disease and aging. Topics included the Human Microbiome Project, chronic inflammation, colon bacteria, dietary impact, and probiotics and prebiotics.


As We See It

“To Grow Old Without Disease”

Top-level scientists recently announced a study into the anti-aging effects of a single drug that they believe may prevent or delay the most debilitating diseases—by attacking “the biological process of aging.” Twenty years after Life Extension® recommended this approach, innovative scientists have finally embraced our longstanding position that AMPK-activating compounds extend healthy life span.

Wellness Profile

Dr. Vladimir Turovskiy

Dr. Vladimir Turovskiy of the Center for Integrative Medicine is recognized as one of Florida’s foremost integrative medicine physicians. In his practice, Dr. Turovskiy blends nutrition and supplements with acupuncture and hormone balancing to successfully treat each patient as a whole person.

In The News

Researchers make significant progress in kidney cryopreservation; new studies show the anticancer effects of metformin; chemo causes weight gain; “aging switch” found; resveratrol blocks cancer-drug harm, and more.

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