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Winter 2015-2016 Special Edition

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Restore Youthful Cognition and Well-Being

Dopamine is a “feel-good” neurotrans­mitter involved in preserving cognitive function, positive emotions, and longevity. Once we pass 45 years, dopamine levels begin a steady decline that manifests as impaired neurological function and loss of enthusiasm. The main cause of dopamine decline is an enzyme called MAO-B. Scientists have discovered a wild green oat extract that inhibits MAO-B, resulting in improvements in measurements of cognitive ability and cerebral circulation.


Sweep Away Senile Cells

As cells age, they can degenerate into a tired, dysfunctional state (senescence) that fosters inflammation and organ malfunction. Scientists have discovered that the low-cost nutrient quercetin can selectively remove old cells without harm to normal, youthful cells. Studies suggest quercetin may slow aging and reduce the risk of degenerative processes.

Do You Suffer From Suboptimal Thyroid Function?

Maturing women and men often experience vague symptoms that include fatigue, weight gain, feeling cold, depression, and dry skin. The cause may be suboptimal thyroid function, which is often overlooked by conventional physicians. Researchers have discovered natural ways to boost thyroid hormone activity to help restore youthful balance.

Relief from Common Digestive Distress

Each year, people spend almost $10 billion on medications to relieve digestive distress. While these drugs may provide temporary relief of after-meal gas, bloating, and incomplete digestion, they do not solve the underlying problem. Proper use of digestive enzymes and probiotics can enable older adults to maintain digestive health with less abdominal stress and greater retention of nutrients.