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October 2017

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Suppress Post-Meal Insulin Surges

The most dangerous time of day is after a meal, when insulin and glucose can spike too high in the bloodstream. Two plant extracts have been shown to slash after-meal insulin by as much as 56% along with reductions in after-meal glucose, and a 0.3% drop in hemoglobin A1c.


The Great Sugar Cover-Up

The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that the sugar industry paid Harvard scientists to cover up research that proved the significant role that sugar plays in creating heart disease and diabetes.

Brain-Boosting Benefits of Coffee

Consuming around 1-2 cups of coffee per day boosts cognitive function, reduces risk of cognitive decline, and lowers Alzheimer’s risk by as much as 27%.


As We See It

Not Fit For Human Consumption

Sugar may be killing more people than tobacco. From a nutritional standpoint, there is no need for people to consume sugars or starches.

In The News

Nicotinamide riboside reverses muscle decline; combo supplement boosts bone density; magnesium lowers diabetes risk; alcohol linked to cancer; higher serum omega-3 reduces mortality; micronutrients inhibit kidney disease; Life Extension® disease protocols updated.

Author Interview

Gary Taubes—The Case Against Sugar

In his new book, Gary Taubes outlines the dark history of sugar, its use as an additive in cigarettes, and its relationship to weight gain and chronic disease.

Wellness Profile

Doug Brolus And Ed Urbano—Staying Fit For Life

Bodybuilder Doug Brolus is self-taught in nutrition and exercise science. Pursuing a healthy lifestyle at a young age, he befriended fitness guru Jack LaLanne to improve his fitness regimen. Today, Brolus shares his lessons with many and is a big fan of Life Extension Magazine®.

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