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Life Extension Magazine

May 2017

Launch Interactive Issue

Probiotic Lozenge Promotes Oral Hygiene

Brushing and flossing is not always enough to ward off tooth decay and gum disease. Targeted oral probiotics have been shown to reduce indicators of gum deterioration and tooth decay. Probiotic lozenges can help eliminate harmful bacteria for a healthier mouth.


Arterial Plaque Rupture

Sudden heart attack or stroke can be caused by acute rupture of soft arterial plaque. A human study published in December 2016 corroborates previous clinical research showing dramatic reductions in markers of atherosclerosis, along with stabilizing rupture-prone arterial plaque.

Combat Sugar Toxicity

When sugar (glucose) reacts with the body’s proteins, the resulting tissue glycation accelerates aging. There are a number of strategies that reduce toxic glycation reactions and help overcome their consequences.


As We See It

Should You Eat Before A Blood Test?

Up until now, people have been told to fast for 8 to 12 hours prior to having their blood drawn. Newly published medical data indicates a more realistic reading may be obtained when blood is drawn 2 to 6 hours after a normal meal.

In The News

Triglycerides increase kidney disease risk; vitamin D protects brain cells; painkillers linked to heart failure; resveratrol improves ulcerative colitis; and vitamin D deficiency ups risk of bladder cancer.



Providing more soluble fiber than any other grain, oats have shown a vast range of health benefits that include lower LDL cholesterol, increased satiety, reduction in blood pressure, and a lower risk of colorectal cancer.

Ask The Doctor

Innovative Neurotransmitter Testing

Healthy neurotransmitter levels ensure optimal brain function. In this interview, Dr. Scott Fogle describes an innovative new test that can measure neurotransmitter levels and how to help rebalance these valuable brain messengers.

Wellness Profile

Michael Ray Garvin - World’s Most Jacked Athlete

Former NFL player Michael Ray Garvin is a dedicated power-trainer who has been a supplement-user since the age of 14. In his books, The World’s Most Jacked Athlete and Jacked Athlete Supplement Manual, trainer, author, and speaker Garvin describes his essential supplements for athletic health.

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