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January 2018

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Role of Bifidobacteria in Long-Term Health

With age, beneficial bacteria in the gut decline to just 5% of youthful levels. The impact is reduced protection against allergies, infections, respiratory disorders, and anxiety. New studies at UCLA School of Medicine show that a novel prebiotic boosts beneficial flora and reduces harmful intestinal bacteria.


Carnosine, Cataracts, And Visual Clarity

A new study shows oral carnosine can preserve normal structure of proteins in the lens of the eye. Additionally, lubricating eye drops stabilized with N-acetylcarnosine can improve visual performance of affected eyes.

Olive Oil Markedly Extends Human Lifespan

Extra virgin olive oil lowers risk of stroke, coronary heart disease, and Alzheimer’s while boosting bone health. In a long-term clinical study, those who ingested the most olive oil-derived polyphenols lived 9.5 years longer (after age 65).

Milk Thistle May Protect Against Second-Hand Cigarette Smoke

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there is no acceptable safe level of exposure to second-hand smoke. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is often caused by second-hand smoke. Milk thistle extracts may help protect against COPD.

Government-Driven Opioid Epidemic

Today’s opioid crisis was caused by the pharmaceutical industry colluding with government agencies and Congress to downplay addiction risks.


As We See It

FDA Fueled Opioid Epidemic

New reports reveal 300,000 Americans have died of overdoses since the FDA approved semi-synthetic opioid drugs like OxyContin®. Find out the FDA’s insidious role in approving these addicting drugs for routine pain relief and better ways to address inflammation and pain signals received by the brain.

In The News

Experts promote insurance for alternative pain treatments; AMPK enhances LDL benefits; opioid overdose antidote cost soars; olive oil boosts memory; vitamin D inhibits breast cancer; and supplements provide cancer defense.

Ask The Doctor

Scott Fogle

Dr. Scott Fogle explains helpful lab tests that assess health issues related to the stress and overeating of the holidays—from insulin resistance and blood-sugar tests to those for cortisol, thyroid function, and more.



Avocados’ high fiber content and monounsaturated fats power its ability to promote beneficial gut bacteria, blunt blood-sugar spikes, lower inflammation, improve cholesterol profile, and enhance nutrient absorption.

Wellness Profile

How Sharing Wealth Creates Planetary Health

Bert Ball, founder of an environmentally focused organization that donates $180 million in goods and materials to 5,000 nonprofit organizations and schools, thrives on his healthy lifestyle and supplement program.

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