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Life Extension Magazine

December 2018

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Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

A few pounds added over the holiday can turn into hard-to-lose body fat stores. A clinically tested intermittent program has been shown to prevent holiday weight gain while reducing vascular risk markers.


50 Years of Consistent Scientific Findings

Pine bark extract provides a concentrated mixture of procyanidins that have been shown to reduce risk of a host of vascular and inflammatory related conditions. New applications are being reported in the medical literature each year.


As We See It

Another Year of Vindication

A landmark 2018 Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial showed that the drug finasteride slashed prostate cancer risk by around 25%. There was no increase in deaths from aggressive prostate cancer, as had been argued by the medical establishment. Life Extension® has long advocated that aging men consider this class of drug to relieve benign prostate hypertrophy and reduce prostate cancer risk.

In The News

Adequate omega-3 dose needed for benefits; testosterone deficiency widespread; vitamin D offsets many malnutrition effects; green tea helps dissolve arterial plaque.


Sweet Potato

The sweet potato, popular during the holidays, may help improve blood sugar levels and reduce oxidation.

Wellness Profile

Dr. Man and the Art of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Man describes the many new weapons in his arsenal against the ravages of elements and time. Dr. Man believes plastic surgery today, along with a proper lifestyle, can act as an anti-aging treatment that runs more than skin deep.

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