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Life Extension Magazine

June 2004

Rub Away Aged Skin

Developed by a university dermatologist, Self MicroDermAbrasion can help to safely renew aging and damaged skin. Now you can get the same results of physician-administered MicroDermAbrasion treatments in the privacy of your own home—at a fraction of what you would pay a dermatologist.


Protecting Your Skin From The Sun

Growing pollution and depletion of the earth's ozone layer have caused skin cancer rates to skyrocket. Here are the steps you can take to guard aged skin against dangerous exposure to solar radiation levels.

Natural Prescriptions For Parkinson's Disease

Neurological decline, tremor, and a shuffling gait are among the symptoms that mark the onset of Parkinson's disease. Learn about new medical treatments and natural alternatives that relieve the symptoms, and may slow the progression, of Parkinson's.

Recharge With Pregnenolone

Deteriorating brain function is not an inevitable consequence of aging. Here is the latest research on the naturally occurring hormone pregnenolone, which improves memory and concentration while providing a variety of other health-enhancing effects.


As We See It

Surveys reveal that Americans are far more worried about dying from cancer than being killed by a terrorist. Yet the US government spends a relative pittance on meaningful medical research, hindering public and private efforts to find the cures for cancer and other diseases of aging.

In The News

DHEA benefits postmenopausal women; more folic acid advised for pregnant women; indole-3-carbinol reduces severity of lupus; omega-3 fatty acids improve cognitive function; higher-dose folic acid improves endothelial function.

Ask The Doctor

Nicholas Perricone, MD, FACN, discusses how “high-glycemic” carbohydrates induce glycation in the skin and produce other negative health consequences.

Case History

Mitchell J. Ghen, DO, PhD, explains how a supplements regimen including folic acid helped banish cervical dysplasia in a 36-year-old female patient.

Profile: Vladimir Turovsky

Vladimir Turovsky combines alternative and traditional medicine to offer patients a personalized, integrative approach to solving their health problems.

Journal Abstracts