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Life Extension Magazine

May 2007

Novel Method Quickly Restores Cardiac Energy

Congestive heart failure patients undergoing conventional drug therapy often fail to achieve lasting cardiovascular health. Two innovative cardiologists have achieved stunning results by using a natural agent that rapidly restores cellular energy to heart muscles.


Dramatic Reduction In Cancer Recurrence

An over-the-counter remedy (cimetidine) may help to prevent cancer spread, slow tumor growth, and prolong survival in people fighting colon cancer and other malignancies.

Epidemic Vitamin D Deficiency

Even if you supplement with vitamin D, you may not get enough to meet your daily needs—increasing your risk for cancer and other killer diseases. Learn why experts now advise testing one’s blood for vitamin D.

Powerful Protection For Aging Arteries

The key to preserving optimal vascular function is safeguarding the endothelial cells that line blood vessels. Pomegranate prevents endothelial dysfunction and has also been shown to reverse cardiovascular disease.

Advanced Detection For Heart Disease Risk

Standard blood cholesterol panels identify only 40% of those at risk for heart disease. Find out about cardiac risk factors that standard cholesterol tests don’t measure, and how to design a customized disease-prevention program.

Life Extension Research Update

The Life Extension Foundation provides vital financial support for scientists who are redefining the frontiers of anti-aging research, in areas ranging from caloric restriction to tissue and organ cryopreservation.


As We See It

As We See It

Although more people take cardiac drugs than ever before, many still die each year from heart failure while under a doctor’s care. Cardiac drugs help some patients, but address only a few of the underlying causes of heart attack and stroke. Find out simple steps you can take to protect against thirteen correctable vascular disease risk factors.

Ask The Doctor

Ask The Doctor

Dr. Gary Goldfaden discusses natural agents that have been scientifically shown to protect hands against the unsightly effects of aging.

In The News

FDA approves trial of intravenous vitamin C as anti-cancer therapy; vitamin D guards against breast, colorectal cancers; olive polyphenols may ward off ulcers, stomach cancer; vegetables, nutrients lower risk of BPH; natural fiber may reduce overeating, improve lipids; calcium reduces colorectal polyp recurrence; quercetin repels viral illness, counters stress; neuroprotective benefits of Life Extension phytoestrogen formula; and more.


Wellness Profile

A retired college professor, prolific author, and former journal editor, Dr. Donald Morse is perhaps most remarkable for his lifelong devotion to exercise and fitness.


Super Foods

Almonds are loaded with healthy fats, musclebuilding protein, natural fiber, and beneficial minerals, and may even promote weight loss.

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