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Life Extension Magazine

June 2006

Why the Media is Attacking Supplements

Media distortion of the results of several high-profile studies of nutritional supplements has generated alarm and confusion in the public mind. Here we dig beneath the headlines to uncover why the media misread the study results and why it continues to mislead the public.


Doctors Confused About Homocysteine

Two recent studies on homocysteine ignited a media frenzy of misinterpretation, leading many to question the benefit of lowering homocysteine. In fact, the findings actually confirm Life Extension’s position about the steps required to achieve optimal homocysteine control.

Myths About Skin Cancer Prevention

The FDA’s flawed SPF rating system rates sunscreens for protection against UV-B rays but not the deeperpenetrating UV-A rays that cause skin aging and cancer. Learn which sunscreen ingredients and topical agents offer optimal sun protection.

How SOD Boosts Antioxidant Defenses

The enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) is one of the body’s foremost antioxidant defenses, reducing free radical damage associated with atherosclerosis, stroke, and arthritis. New bioavailable forms of SOD offer superior protection against oxygen free radicals.

Ashwagandha: Powerful Stress Relief

In scientific studies, the Indian herb ashwagandha has demonstrated stress-relieving effects comparable to those of prescription drugs. This remarkable herb also grows new nerve cells and inhibits the growth of human breast, lung, colon, and other cancer cells.


As We See It

As We See It

In recent months, headline-hungry media outlets have run alarming front-page stories attacking the efficacy of popular nutritional supplements such as calcium, vitamin D, and glucosamine. A close look at the research fueling these sensational headlines reveals egregious study design flaws and financial conflicts of interest—problems that explain the studies’ negative results that were ignored by the mainstream media.

In The News

Supplements help elderly avert disease; chromium, B vitamins prevent weight gain; tea polyphenols may reduce ovarian cancer risk; resveratrol offers neuroprotective benefits; olive polyphenols protect blood vessels; elevated HDL protects against coronary events; and more.


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Karate grandmaster Kaicho Nakamura embodies the martial tradition of the noble warrior, statesman, and scholar.

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