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Life Extension Magazine

August 2008

A Scientific Solution to Unsightly Cellulite

Most anti-cellulite products are nothing more than cosmetic treatments that fail to address the underlying physiological causes of this unsightly condition. Now, scientists have discovered powerful topical botanicals that reduce cellulite by dissolving fat, improving circulation, and strengthening skin structure, while also preventing its formation.


Estriol: Its Weakness is Its Strength

While estriol is the weakest estrogen, studies have shown that it is highly effective in overcoming menopausal symptoms, protecting urinary health, and improving bone density. Unlike stronger pharmaceutical estrogens, estriol has a better safety profile and can be a natural alternative to hormone drug therapy.

Beyond Sleep New Medical Applications for Melatonin

Researchers worldwide are finding new life-saving applications for melatonin. Its unique ability to penetrate cells and control oxidative damage enables melatonin to reduce the trauma of brain injury, prevent heart muscle damage, and reduce a type of neuronal damage that often occurs during cerebral ischemia. Melatonin also improves immune status and complements the effects of chemotherapy.

Insulin Resistance—A Lethal Link Between Metabolic Disease and Heart Attack

A large body of evidence points to insulin resistance as a root cause of both diabetes and heart disease. Unfortunately, it often takes a life-threatening event to reveal an underlying insulin abnormality. Learn how to recognize and prevent insulin resistance early on to minimize your risk of lethal consequences like heart and vascular diseases.

Preventing Migraine Pain with Butterbur

Debilitating migraines are a serious health issue for millions of Americans. An herbal extract used in Germany for decades has been shown to be as effective as many prescription drugs for reducing the severity of migraines. Its powerful anti-inflammatory effects are also as effective as many standard therapies for treating allergies and asthma.


As We See It

As We See It

A startling scientific breakthrough reveals that an approved arthritis drug can reverse the clinical course of Alzheimer’s disease by blocking an inflammatory chemical that damages the brain. Patients who received this drug into their brains experienced remarkable cognitive improvements within minutes that were sustained for up to three years. These impressive results offer a promising therapy for the four million Americans who suffer from Alzheimer’s.

In The News

Low vitamin D levels linked to arterial disease and depression; aspirin cuts risk of common breast cancer; anthocyanins may prevent obesity; whey effective for weight loss; fathers-to-be need folate too; common drugs may hasten decline in elderly; green tea combats exercise-induced damage; olive oil polyphenol keeps fish-oil products fresh; weight loss critical in diabetes; DHA boosts fetal development; macadamia nuts benefit heart health; DHEA may inhibit atherosclerosis; vitamin K2 may reduce prostate cancer risk; US Congress seeks to lift FDA’s estriol blockade

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