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Life Extension Magazine

October 2009

The Unscientific Bioidentical Hormone Debate

Maturing women are being frightened away from natural hormone replacement. Absurd lies promulgated by Big Pharma and enforced with FDA police-state powers are causing females to be prescribed dangerous hormone drugs. Overlooked is a plethora of research indicating that women may safely benefit from individual doses of natural estrogens and progesterone combined with healthy lifestyles.


Halt on Salt Sparks Iodine Deficiency

Public health messages urge us to limit salt intake. An unintended consequence is more of us suffer an insidious return to iodine deficiency, since iodized salt is what many of us rely on to obtain this critical element. Noted cardiologist William Davis maintains that healthy levels of iodine can play a role in preventing fatigue, obesity, and breast cancer.

Florence Henderson: America’s Mom Shares a Lifetime of Health Wisdom

Starring in the famous TV sitcom, The Brady Bunch, Florence Henderson was the epitome of the All-American mom. In real life, she’s an amazing picture of health. In this feature, the 70s supermom shares how she overcame numerous health issues by relying on her unique holistic lifestyle.

Bioidentical Hormones: Why Are They Still Controversial?

Big Pharma and the FDA have launched a disinformation campaign to frighten women away from bioidentical estrogens and pro-gesterone. In response, Life Extension® commissioned a landmark White Paper to examine every scientific study relating to estrogen and progesterone replacement therapy. The hard facts reveal the lethal side effects of FDA-approved hormone drugs. This is in stark contrast to the remarkable safety and efficacy profile of individually compounded bioidentical progesterone and estriol-based creams.


In The News

Prostate cancer and pomegranate juice; excess sugar may shorten life span; vitamin C protects against tumors, vitamin K improves bone health; multiple benefits of resveratrol; tart cherry juice relieves exercise pain; reduced levels of vitamin E linked to poorer quality of life in older individuals; and more.

Ask The Doctor

Ask The Doctor

Studies have shown that diabetes is more prevalent in people with low serum levels of vitamin D. Recent research has shown that supplementing with vitamin D produces beneficial effects on blood sugar and insulin sensitivity.

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