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December 2009

So Many Needless Cancer Deaths

What would you do if you knew of proven methods that could spare many of the 1,500 Americans who perish each day from cancer? Suzanne Somers’ new book exposes the fatal apathy of mainstream oncology and uncovers cancer treatments that the government has tried to brutally suppress.


Protect Your Genes From Deadly Mutations

Cancer results from the accumulation of mutations in genes that regulate cellular proliferation. Researchers believe that if these genes were not under constant assault, we would normally liveor over a century. Chlorophyllin is one of the most effective agents to protect against carcinogenic gene mutations.

Halt the Leading Cause of Age-Related Blindness

A new report suggests that elevated homocysteine contributes to macular degeneration in addition to heart disease. A newly published study reveals how B-vitamins can target this leading cause of blindness.

Cutting-Edge Colon Support Boost Your Immunity with Prebiotics

A class of dietary supplements known as prebiotics helps beneficial bacteria to optimally populate the lower intestine. Here we examine a novel prebiotic compound that has been shown to provide superior colon support, boost immunity, and improve overall health.

Preventing Surgery-Induced Cancer Metastasis

In an earth-shattering report, Life Extension® reveals how conventional surgery causes the primary cancer to spread (metastasize). A novel program is unveiled that outlines practical steps patients can take before surgery to prevent cancer recurrence and metastasis.

Are You Getting Optimal Flu Prevention?

Authorities charged with protecting Americans from flu outbreaks have ignored one of nature’s most powerful immune-boosters. The pioneering work of three exceptional physicians reveals the secret to supercharging your immune system and beating the flu.


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Mediterranean diet associated with lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline; inflammation reduced in those with higher vitamin D levels; obesity linked to less brain tissue in the elderly; adequate zinc intake protects DNA; and more.

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