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Life Extension Magazine

July 2009

Montel Williams Taking Responsibility for Living Well

It’s about 10 years since Emmy award-winning talk show host, Montel Williams, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. In that time, he’s not only transformed his life with the use of supplements, hormone replacement, and a healthy lifestyle, but continues to be exceptionally active. We explore how Williams’ philosophy about informing oneself and fighting back makes him a role model for anyone facing serious illness.


Optimal Oral Health Reduces Degenerative Diseases

A new probiotic lozenge could have a tremendous impact in protecting our gums and teeth. Featuring two unique strains of friendly bacteria found naturally in the mouth, it out-competes harmful bacteria from colonizing the mouth, while protecting the immune system and inhibiting inflammation throughout the body.

Psychodermatology: A New Approach to Protect the Skin

Skin protection is not just about applying sun blocks and moisturizers. Internally, stress can also age skin via overproduction of hormones like cortisol. To combat these multiple threats, a new oral supplement suppresses the skin-damaging effects inflicted by stress and blocks the absorption of harmful UV rays to protect skin from the inside out.

Integrative Cancer Care at The Block Center

Scientific studies document effective ways for conventional cancer therapies to be administered. Yet too many patients are placed on an assembly line that fails to take advantage of molecular and gene-based targeting that enhances the ability of conventional and natural therapies to eradicate metastatic lesions. Here, we review how this integrative approach is giving patients a survivor’s edge against cancer.

Life Over Cancer

Complete remission from cancer is rarely synonymous with a cure without proper follow-up care. In his new book, Life Over Cancer, Dr. Keith Block, a widely regarded integrative cancer specialist in the US, explains how a unique treatment program for cancer reduces toxic side effects while more efficiently reversing the course of the disease.


As We See It - FDA Seeks to Ban Pyridoxamine

Pyridoxamine is a highly effective anti-glycating nutrient, especially for diabetes and its complications such as kidney disease. Yet the FDA, bowing to pharmaceutical financial interests, is banning Americans’ access to pyridoxamine by reclassifying it as a drug, which may effectively condemn millions to needless suffering and death. Find out what you can do to protest this inappropriate action against pyridoxamine.

In The News

Academic deceit in gerontology exposed; vitamin D slashes prostate cancer risk; zinc cuts diabetes risk in women; childhood soy intake protects against breast cancer; DHA suppresses tumor growth; green tea helps prevent gum disease; more evidence for CoQ10 in heart health; broccoli sprouts fight ulcer bacteria; Europe losing heart-disease battle despite medication use; B vitamins beneficial in celiac disease; and more.

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