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September 2010

Launch Interactive Issue

Media Says: No Cure for Heart Disease

After Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney’s heart problems re-emerged, mainstream media outlets and “expert” cardiologists lined up to parrot the conventional wisdom that there is no cure for coronary artery disease. Life Extension® members know otherwise. As we have long reported, a wealth of clinical data demonstrates that arterial blockage can be halted and even reversed.


Brittle Bones and Hardened Arteries: The Hidden Link

While most people now know they need to maintain optimal levels of vitamin D, conventional medicine has failed to alert them to the equally vital need for vitamin K. Here we detail how both of these synergistic nutrients are required to combat atherosclerosis and osteoporosis, two prevalent and life-threatening degenerative diseases.

The Vitamin D Solution

One billion people are defi cient in vitamin D, including three out of every four Americans. In this excerpt from his remarkable new book, The Vitamin D Solution, world authority Dr. Michael F. Holick explores the consequences of this global nutritional disaster. He also offers fresh insights into the critical role vitamin D plays in warding off multiple afflictions and killer diseases of aging, including arthritis, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia, and depression.

Heal Traumatic and Degenerative Skin Lesions Naturally

From ulcers on the hands and feet to ruptured capillaries and minor traumas, many aging individuals develop painful, unsightly wounds and lesions that take a long time to heal. The causes of this widespread problem are explored, along with four topical agents that can speed skin healing.

What’s Really Making You Sick?

Do you suffer from chronic “mystery” symptoms—headaches, digestive problems, or more severe conditions your doctor can’t explain? You’re not alone. An estimated 60% of all undiagnosed ailments are the result of food sensitivities. A cutting-edge blood test may now help you identify and eliminate the dietary factors behind your symptoms.



Michael F. Holick, PhD, MD The Pioneer of Vitamin D Research

The recent explosion of scientific interest in vitamin D may be credited largely to the work of one visionary scientist, Dr. Michael F. Holick. In his first sit-down interview with Life Extension® since 2003, Dr. Holick discusses vitamin D’s rapid ascent into mainstream medical awareness, the impact of his work, and future research.

In The News

Long-term vitamin E intake lowers COPD risk; insufficient calcium linked to hypertension and osteoporosis; zinc protects aging arteries; B6 and B12 combat depression.

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