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Rejuvenate Your Cells by Growing New Mitochondria

Aged people suffer up to 95% damaged mitochondria compared to almost none in a 5-year old. To combat the horrific effects of mitochondrial insufficiency, from cancer to heart failure, it is critical to maintain youthful mitochondrial function and structure. In an unprecedented advance, a nutrient called PQQ triggers mitochondrial biogenesis—the growth of new mitochondria in aging cells!


Cutting-Edge Berry Extract For Improved Night Vision

As we age night vision plummets—with deadly consequences. Falling down accounts for 70% of accidental deaths in older people, and dim-lighting conditions are often to blame. The good news is that researchers have discovered a plant extract that can improve night vision in just 30 minutes.

Eliminate Age-Related Skin Dryness with Novel Plant Extract

While Americans rely on topical creams or lotions to combat dry skin, the Japanese have been using a highly effective nutritional intervention that restores the skin’s natural moisturizers internally. These bioactive plant extracts—called ceramides—are absorbed readily into skin cells. In a recent clinical trial, they rehydrated stubbornly dry, itchy, flaky skin in 95% of participants.

Protect Your Body from a Silent Killer

Even slightly elevated fasting glucose (above 80 mg/dL) can severely accelerate age-related pathologies. Find out how novel natural methods keep a tight rein on both fasting blood glucose and dangerous after-meal glucose spikes.



Mitochondria: The Vital Bacteria That Resides Inside Our Cells

The reason you are alive and reading this sentence today is because of the ability of your cells to produce sustainable energy. About 95% of this energy is generated by cellular power plants called mitochondria. Instead we are referring to startling scientific findings proving that fasting glucose levels above 80-85 mg/dL create many of the same problems suffered by diabetics, only at a slower rate.