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January 2011

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Glucose: The Silent Killer

The deadly effects of even slightly elevated glucose are fatally misunderstood. The result is that record numbers suffer diabetic-like complications without knowing their blood sugar levels are too high! While mainstream doctors acknowledge Life Extension®’s four-decade crusade, they are failing to protect their patients against this hidden epidemic. Find out how easy it is to optimize your blood glucose and slash degenerative disease risk.


Carnosine: Exceeding Scientific Expectations

For nearly a decade, Life Extension® has presented compelling evidence about the anti-aging benefits of high-dose carnosine. In a major advance, scientists have boosted longevity up to 36% in an experimental study using this vital nutrient! Here we reveal the multiple mechanisms carnosine targets to combat age-related disease.

Critical Importance of Gamma E Tocopherol Continues to Be Overlooked

Published studies establish that high blood levels of gamma tocopherol reduce prostate cancer risk and combat a host ofdegenerative diseases. Yet most health-conscious peopleunknowingly take only the alpha tocopherol form of vitamin E.Find out why gamma tocopherol is required for optimal health.

Feed Your Brain!

Newly released data reveal that someone in America develops an age-related brain disorder every 70 seconds. One of the reasons may surprise you: a healthy diet. If you’re rightfully avoiding saturated fats and cholesterol, you risk a deficiency of two key brain-healthy nutrients clinically proven to prevent dementia and cognitive decline.

The Beneficial Omega-6 Fatty Acid

Most health-conscious people know that getting enough dietary omega-3 (EPA/DHA) is crucial to good health. But there’s an omega-6 fatty acid that effectively combats conditions as diverse as eczema, arthritis, atherosclerosis, and diabetes. Discover the little-known benefits of gamma linolenic acid or GLA.

Potential Arthritis Treatment Advance Blocked by FDA

More than 27 million Americans currently suffer from debilitating osteoarthritis, a progressive and incurable condition with no effective long-term interventions. Pioneering researcher Dr. Christopher Centeno of Regenerative Sciences has developed a safe, non-surgical therapy shown to eliminate arthritic pain up to 75% using his patients’ own stem cells. But to continue offering this treatment, he must first beat the FDA in court.


In The News

Greater risk of heart attack and stroke in pre-diabetics; higher antioxidant levels linked to lower mortality risk; branched-chain amino acids extend life span in animal models; and more.

Ask The Doctor

Ask The Doctor

Michael Aziz, MD is an attending physician at Lenox Hill Hospital inn New York City and a frequent guest on national TV and radio shows. Here he underscores the benefi ts of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

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