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August 2011

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The Little-Known Link Between Bone Health and Total Health

Strong bones do more than prevent life-altering fractures. Recent research shows a healthy skeletal system is also essential to insulin sensitivity, energy metabolism, and weight management. Find out how a comprehensive nutrient regimen, including calcium, trace minerals, and vitamins D3 and K optimizes bone health and total health.


Life Extension® Interview with Dr. Bruce Ames

Dr. Bruce Ames is devoted to identifying strategies that combat degenerative disease and reverse aging processes. Best known for his groundbreaking research on mitochondria, the UC Berkeley professor emeritus discusses his innovative Triage Theory of Aging.

Lipoic Acid Reverses Mitochondrial Decay

An estimated 85% of the oxygen contained in every breath you take is consumed by the mitochondria. Age-related mitochondrial decay in turn lies at the core of most degenerative diseases. Lipoic acid may induce a profound regeneration of these cellular powerhouses, thwarting the onset of cancer, heart disease, and more.

Book Excerpt: Your Bones

Osteoporosis ignites multiple killer diseases of aging, including diabetes and cancer. Lara Pizzorno and Jonathan Wright, MD show how drugs, surgery, and other factors threaten bone health in this enlightening excerpt from the book Your Bones.

Delay Skin Aging with Cutting-Edge Topical DNA Technology

A sequence of your DNA called the telomere determines how long your skin cells live and when they die. Supporting their function lies at the forefront of skin rejuvenation research. Dermatologists have recently identified a key topical nutrient that may turn back the clock on skin aging.


As We See It

As We See It: FDA Says Walnuts Are Illegal Drugs

Life Extension® has published 57 articles documenting the many health benefits of walnuts. When Diamond Foods referenced scientific data detailing these benefits on its website, the FDA classified Diamond’s walnuts as “illegal drugs.” Here we examine the scientific blackout caused by this outrageous bureaucratic act and what you can do to support a bill in Congress that prohibits this kind of police state censorship.

Wellness Profile

Lisa Oz: The Power of Healthy Transformation

Lisa Oz is married to America’s most famous physician, Dr. Mehmet Oz. Here she offers Life Extension readers an inside look into their shared passion for changing lives through new medical knowledge, finding ways to communicate with the widest possible audience— and the pivotal role she played in making Dr. Oz famous.

Book Review

In The News

Metabolic syndrome impairs memory; low testosterone leads to glucose intolerance in men; green tea polyphenols offer skin protection; and more.


Super Foods: Walnuts

The exceptional nutritional value of walnuts is universally acknowledged among researchers. From beneficial phenolic acids and tannins to vitamins and omega-3s, the array of nutrients they contain have been shown to prevent cancer, diabetes, and cognitive decline.

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