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October 2012

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A Tragic Miscarriage of Justice: We Must Convince the President to Release Jay Kimball

Pharmaceutical companies often use their political influence to eliminate innovative and competing smaller companies. In a wrongful prosecution, Jay Kimball was sentenced to 13 years in prison for exporting a low-cost anti-aging drug. We urge you to sign an on-line petition requesting that President Obama commute Jay Kimball’s egregious jail sentence to the time he has already served in prison.


Powerful Protection Against Cellular Aging

A critical coenzyme known as PQQ activates vital cell-signaling pathways involved in creating new mitochondria, improving cellular metabolism, protecting neurons, and repairing DNA damage. PQQ has the potential to reverse subcellular aging!

Glucose Control Can Be Easy

A new discovery reveals how omega-3 fatty acids protect against the causes and effects of chronic inflammation. The ramifications of this finding are sharp reductions in aging-related diseases in those who ingest sufficient amounts of omega-3s.

Defend Against DNA Destruction

Research shows that a special group of carotenoid nutrients, the xanthophylls, combat DNA damage, boost DNA repair mechanisms, and may prevent or slow the development of cancer, age-related macular degeneration, and other diseases of aging.

Restoring Cellular Energy Metabolism

D-ribose replenishes the metabolic energy needed by all our cells—including those in our heart and brain—thereby improving cardiac and neurological function and vitality.


As We See It

Legal Murder

Pharmaceutical companies and the FDA have a sordid history of covering up lethal side effects about prescription drugs. The evidence reveals our federal government is not concerned about hundreds of thousands of Americans who needlessly perish. Fines levied against pharmaceutical companies represent a 'slap on the wrist' when compared to the enormous profits earned as the dangers of certain drugs were covered up.

Wellness Profile

Wellness Profile

Celebrity exercise physiologist, Marco Borges, shares his tips on how to improve and maintain life-long coordination, stability, and balance into your 80s and beyond—and reveals the list of supplements he takes on a regular basis.

In The News

Study supported by Life Extension® finds fish oil, olive fruit extract, and sesame lignans lower levels of inflammatory cytokines; metformin may encourage the growth of new neurons in the brain.


Super Foods

Nutrient rich pumpkin seeds contain an impressive array of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and even tryptophan! Evidence indicates that pumpkin seeds can help combat heart disease, osteoporosis, anxiety, and arthritis.

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