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October 2013

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Relief from Irritable Bowel and Constipation

About one fifth of Americans suffer irritable bowel syndrome that causes chronic constipation. Doctors have ignored an effective solution. Drinking the proper nutrients on an empty stomach will provide rapid relief of constipation…usually within an hour.


Novel Joint Protection

A groundbreaking study adds to prior evidence showing that type II collagen reduces pain and inflammation scores when tested in those with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

Lethal Risk Posed by News Media

A great hoax has been perpetrated against the public’s health. The media used a flawed analysis to proclaim that fish oil causes prostate cancer, even though the study authors admit they had no idea how the study subjects obtained what turned out to be miniscule blood levels of omega-3s.

Health Implications of Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is a result of underlying health issues, ranging from vascular occlusion and neurological damage to obesity and diabetes. Clinical results show how natural compounds reverse the root causes of these issues while helping prevent age-related diseases.

Dr. Ruth: Advice for All Ages

Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the renowned expert who virtually invented the modern sex therapy industry, still leads an active life at age 85. She has advice on everything from Alzheimer’s to teaching to writing—and of course, her favorite topic: sex.

You May Be Suffering from Fructose Poisoning

Excess fructose consumption is a key factor in the development of metabolic syndrome. America’s increased consumption of high-fructose corn syrup has been mirrored by an alarming rise in obesity and cardio-vascular disease. Learn how this dangerous sweetener, so ubiquitous in the Western diet, can create health problems throughout your body.

Conference Report: The 2013 Diabetes Symposium

At this year’s Keystone Diabetes and Adipose Tissue Biology Symposium, an international group of physicians reported on links between insulin resistance and a number of factors including dietary fat, inflammation, genes, aging, drinking, and type II diabetes.


In The News

Greater fruit and vegetable intake lowers mortality risk; night shifts linked to breast cancer; green tea improves blood sugar control; vitamin D deficiency may accelerate bone aging; choline improves memory in animals; higher urinary level of polyphenols cuts risk of dying by 30%; North American diets found deficient in omega-3; vitamin D may help prevent uterine fibroids; higher blood levels of antioxidants associated with lower age-related cataract risk.

Author Inteview

Author Interview

The five major factors of aging, including inflammation, can be inhibited through novel interventions, explains best-selling author Dr. Mike Moreno. His book, The 17 Day Plan to Stop Aging, lays out an intensive program to take personal control of how your body systems age.

Wellness Profile


Dr. L. Ray Matthews, a cutting-edge trauma surgeon and assistant professor of surgery at Morehouse School of Medicine, explains how vitamin D cuts hospital stays, hospital costs, and mortality rates—and how without adequate levels, it is impossible to achieve optimum health.

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