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Life Extension Magazine

May 2014

Launch Interactive Issue

200,000 Americans Die Needlessly Each Year

In 2013, the Centers for Disease Control reported that nearly 200,000 avoidable deaths occur each year in the United States from vascular diseases. The CDC described simple changes that can slash risk factors before heart attack or stroke strikes. Life Extension® points out that even more lives could be spared with vigilant annual blood testing.


Blood Test That May Save Your Life

Once considered only a marker for inflammation, C-reactive Protein (CRP) now turns out to be a cause of inflammation and associated diseases. A simple CRP blood test can help lower one’s risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Lipoic Acid Preserves Mitochondrial Function

Pharmaceutical companies are spending huge resources to develop a patentable version of the natural compound lipoic acid. This nutrient protects vital cellular energy and shields against diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and neurodegeneration.

Fighting For Your Health Freedom

The Alliance for Natural Health USA aggressively lobbies Congress to protect your free access to natural health and guard against the influence of Big Pharma. With numerous legislative and legal victories, ANH-USA remains vigilant in protecting dietary supplements against government censure.

Probiotics Protect Against Chronic Disease

Researchers have discovered that probiotics promote not only healthy digestion but also protect against autoimmune disorders, metabolic syndrome, immune senescence, chronic fatigue syndrome, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Exclusive Conference Report

At the European Congress on Biogerontology, an international group of scientists presented cutting-edge research on aging, including findings on longevity epigenetics, rejuvenation of the immune system, the dangers of CMV infection, and calorie restriction.


In The News

Low-dose aspirin cuts heart failure patients’ mortality; vitamin C lowers hemorrhagic stroke risk; creatine delays Huntington symptoms; omega-3 reduces heart disease patients’ risk of death from all causes; highest sugar consumption doubles cardiovascular disease risk; and much more.

Book Review

Book Review

In his new book, Vice-President Dick Cheney discusses how his smoking and horrific eating habits lead to chronic heart disease and his near-death. Written with Jonathan Reiner, MD, Heart: An American Medical Odyssey, chronicles Cheney’s 40-year struggle with heart disease and the life-saving innovations of modern medicine.

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