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January 2015

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How Immune Decline Hastens Aging

Few people realize that immune degeneration predisposes us to cancer, vascular disease, infection, and senility, along with inflammatory disorders that shorten our life span. Researchers have identified specific immune components that decline with aging and have discovered natural ways to restore more youthful immune profiles in maturing individuals.


A Common Virus

Approximately 60 to 90% of adults are infected with cytomegalo-virus. The result of chronic infection with this virus is depletion of the vital naïve immune cells that are necessary to fight new malignancies and infectious agents. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to offset the age-accelerating effects of cytomegalovirus.

Immune-Boosting Strategy For Longevity

The age-related decline in immune function is responsible for most life-shortening diseases. A critical strategy to reversing immune decline is to increase the production of naïve T-cells, which attack new bacteria, viruses, fungi, and malignancies. Scientists have identified two botanicals that restore several components of our aging immune systems, including increasing production of naïve T-cells while helping to remove nonfunctioning senescent cells that clog our internal immune-building factory.

Activate Your Natural Killer Cells

Natural killer (NK) cells are our first line of defense against infections. With age, our NK cells steadily decline, leaving us vulnerable to wintertime viruses. Researchers have shown that naturally derived enzymatically modified rice bran increases NK cell activity in circulating blood cells by up to 84% in laboratory studies.

The Las Vegas A4M Conference

The A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) conference is the largest anti-aging conference in the world. This report gives the highlights of the presentations made at the 2012 and 2013 conferences, including the health benefits of longer telomeres, strategies for detoxification, and more.


In The News

Resveratrol boosts bone density; high potassium intake linked to reduced risk of stroke; low vitamin D levels increase risk of dying from sepsis; walnuts provide brain benefit in Alzheimer’s patients; and more.

Author Interview

Author Interview

In his book Get Serious, A Neurosurgeon’s Guide to Optimal Health and Fitness, Dr. Brett Osborn shares his plan for achieving a long and healthy life and avoiding the horrific diseases of aging.


Super Foods

Chia seeds provide six times the calcium of milk and are the richest vegan source of omega-3s. Research points to chia’s power to help prevent diseases such as cardiovascular disorders, cancer, and diabetes.

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