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September 2015

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Grow New Brain Cells

Cutting-edge research has shown that brain cells can regenerate. Recent studies show that the amino acid taurine triggers new brain cells to grow in the area of the brain associated with memory. This can lead to improved cognition and recall for the aging brain.


Enhance Your Endothelial Function

Mainstream medicine overlooks the critical role the endothelium plays in maintaining vascular health. With age, nitric oxide production declines, resulting in endothelial dysfunction. Nondrug methods have been identified to boost nitric oxide to help restore function to aging arteries.

The Japanese “Longevity” Dietary Constituent

The Japanese are among the world’s longest-lived people. This may in part be due to their ingestion of compounds found in brown seaweed. New research reveals how these compounds rejuvenate immune function.

Major Advances In Glioblastoma Treatment

Each month, 1,000 Americans die from glioblastoma with survival averaging only 15 months from diagnosis. In 2013, Life Extension ® reported on the use of the drug valganciclovir, which extended survival to over four years in some studies. Clinical trials are now underway at Duke University on a promising, re-engineered polio virus therapy that may be curative.

The 2015 International Stroke Conference

While stroke death rates have declined since 1990, stroke-related disability has increased 40%. More than one-third of those who have a stroke after age 80 become demented. At the recent stroke conference, scientists reported on new findings related to preventing and treating stroke including brain microbleeds, carotid plaque removal, and migraine-stroke connections.


As We See It

Reversing Acute Ischemic Stroke

Stroke is a leading cause of long-term disability in the United States and the fifth-leading cause of death. Many strokes can be reversed if competent arterial intervention is timely delivered. Emergency response personnel are dropping the ball when it comes to implementing lifesaving procedures to remove blood clots before permanent brain damage occurs. Read how hundreds of thousands of stroke-induced catastrophes can be prevented each year.

In The News

Metformin reduces glaucoma risk; green tea lowers prostate cancer risk; magnesium reduces stroke risk; vitamin D is protective against lung cancer; vitamin E maintains muscles; coffee lowers mortality; and more.

Wellness Profile

Sedell Rand

A trailblazer in many aspects of her life, Sedell Rand has also been at the forefront of life extension. At age 94, Rand continues to run her own business, work out with a trainer, and enjoy the best years of her life.