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October 2016

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Combining CoQ10 and Selenium Reduces Cardiovascular Mortality

Swedish researchers found that combining CoQ10 with selenium lowered cardiovascular mortality risk by 49% and dramatically reduced hospital stays. CoQ10 and selenium are popular supplements, and this new study reveals the importance of obtaining both these nutrients to protect against today’s number one killer.


Project to Cure Aging

The Life Extension Foundation® is launching a research initiative aimed at reversing biological senescence. The primary aim is to initiate clinical studies whereby pro-youth plasma constituents will be infused into elderly humans with the objective of activating systemic rejuvenation.

Natural Compounds that Remove Aging Cells

Scientists are aggressively researching new drugs to remove damaged cells from our body to make room for vital new cells. These old, poorly functioning cells clog the body and accelerate aging and disease. Two nutrients are demonstrating the ability to remove many senile cells, making room for new cells and reducing pro-inflammatory molecules.

Controlling After-Meal Blood Sugar Spikes

After-meal blood sugar spikes present a significant mortality risk factor. An abundance of evidence points to three natural substances—mulberry leaf extract, sorghum, and phloridzin—that have been shown to help control excess blood glucose levels.

Recent Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Conferences

The lifetime risk of type II diabetes is now estimated to be about 40% for an American. About 80% of diabetics die from heart attack or stroke. Two recent conferences explore the connection between diabetes and heart disease.

Understanding the Genetics of Centenarians

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine has discovered specific genes responsible for longevity. In addition, they are overseeing a clinical trial on the anti-aging benefits of the drug metformin. The results of these studies may lead to this anti-diabetic drug being approved to better control pathological aging.


As We See It

How Obvious Cures Are Overlooked

Systemic age reversal has been demonstrated in the laboratory animal model. Scientists have developed protocols that translate these findings into human clinical trials. One factor holding back these advancements is a lack of funding. Once physicians are able to induce meaningful age reversal, degenerative illnesses that kill 6,000 Americans daily may be postponed, if not eliminated.

In The News

Google’s anti-aging mission; Mark Zuckerberg’s search for new cures; metformin lowers mortality; low vitamin D linked to thyroiditis; and more.

Author Interview

Thrive, Don’t Only Survive

In his new book, Thrive Don’t Only Survive: Dr. Geo’s Guide to Living Your Best Life Before & After Prostate Cancer, urologist Dr. Geo Espinosa provides a lifestyle guide to “create an inhospitable environment for cancer” to help men avoid the risk of prostate cancer.

Healthy Eating

Healthy Treats from the Middle East

Salma Hage’s book The Middle Eastern Vegetarian Cookbook provides a wide variety of recipes that embody the best of the Mediterranean diet. Here, we sample some of the most delicious foods from her latest cookbook.

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