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March 2017

Launch Interactive Issue

How Stress Accelerates Aging

Cortisol is a hormone released in response to emotional stress. Elevated cortisol accelerates aging via several mechanisms including suppressing immunity and elevating blood glucose. Natural compounds have been identified that reduce excess cortisol. This is important because elevated cortisol increases risk of early mortality.


Create Youthful Skin From The Inside Out

Ceramides are natural components found in young, healthy skin. They have been added to expensive cosmetics, but topical application is poorly absorbed. Clinical studies show that ingesting oral plant ceramides smooths, hydrates and rejuvenates aged skin from within.

Healthy Gums Promote Longevity

Recent research has confirmed that poor oral health can result in diseases ranging from stroke and pancreatic cancer to obesity. Brushing alone is not always sufficient. A novel toothpaste provides targeted nutrients to help keep teeth and gums in optimal health.

Government Understates Tobacco Lethality

Cigarette smoking causes more illnesses than what the government tells us. Anti-tobacco campaigns are failing to sufficiently curb this deadly menace. New evidence points to a staggering number of excess tobacco-related deaths that are not part of official statistics. There are better ways to mitigate this epidemic that increases healthcare costs for all Americans.


As We See It

Extortionist Drug Prices!

No one has fought longer against high drug prices than Life Extension®. We’ve exposed how generic drugs whose active ingredient costs only pennies are sold to desperate consumers for hundreds of dollars. The solution to this price gouging is to remove antiquated regulations that cause drugs to cost far more than they should.

In The News

Vitamins C & E inhibit dementia; vitamin D increases life span; quercetin improves arthritis; drug prices skyrocket; and drug price-fixing criminal charges.

Research Update

Research Update: Nutrients Boost Stem Cell Function

Rejuvenating stem cells could partially reverse tissue aging, and research suggests that this goal is within reach. Three remarkable studies published last year demonstrate that a variety of nutraceutical compounds are capable of boosting stem cell function.


Super Foods: Teff

Newly discovered by Americans, the North African cereal grain teff provides an array of healthy vitamins and minerals and is gluten-free.

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating: The Grain Bowl

In his book The Grain Bowl, restaurateur Nik Williamson provides recipes for novel dishes based on a wide variety of healthy grains, ranging from black rice and farro to barley and buckwheat.

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