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Life Extension Magazine

August 2017

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Nutrients For Your Skin

The science of skin rejuvenation is transforming into evidence-based reality. Researchers have created a nutrient-rich topical program designed to promote skin renewal and rehydrate aged skin.


Overlooked Cause of Stroke and Dementia

Homocysteine levels increase with age. The result is elevated risks for stroke, heart attack, and demen­tia. A simple blood test can determine homocysteine levels that can be safely lowered with the proper forms of B-vitamins.

Targeted Blood-Sugar Control

The US Department of Agriculture filed a patent application on a water-soluble cinnamon extract based on its glucose-lowering properties. This cinnamon extract has demonstrated beneficial effects against elevated blood sugar and metabolic syndrome.


As We See It

Homocysteine and Brain Aging

In 1981, Life Extension® published data showing that high homocysteine blood levels increase heart attack and stroke risk. Alarming new studies link high homocysteine to degenerative brain disorders. Specialized forms of folate and other B vitamins can lower homocysteine to safer ranges.

In The News

CoQ10 improves polycystic ovary syndrome; fasting combats leukemia; vitamin D inhibits metabolic syndrome; iron deficiency promotes hearing loss; nicotinamide may block Parkinson’s disease.



Mushrooms are one of the most popular foods due to their unique nutritional value. They are low in fat and sodium but high in dietary fibers, antioxidants, and B vitamins.

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