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Life Extension Magazine

July 2003

Bridging the Gap between Science & Medicine

Overwhelmed by patient loads and HMO bureaucracy, doctors rarely have the time to stay current with the latest scientific medical studies. As a result, many patients to not benefit from the most recent advances in medicine. The fourth edition of Disease Prevention and Treatment overcomes this knowledge deficit by providing over 1,500 pages of the best in essential-care information. This is the one book that belongs in every home, library and doctor’s office.


Preserving Brain Function with GPC

Preventing cognitive decline is one of the most critical aspects of a longevity program. New research indicates that dementia and Alzheimer’s may now be treatable and preventable through the use of GPC (glycerylphosphorylcholine). Sold in Europe as a drug for dementia, GPC is now available in the U.S. as a nutritional supplement. Read about the latest scientific studies on this valuable nutrient to prevent brain aging.

Increasing Male Fertility and Longevity

Throughout the Western world, male fertility is declining at alarming rates. Studies indicate that lower sperm counts can be reversed through an aggressive anti-aging protocol. Here is the latest information on this emotionally charged public health issue.

Natural Prevention: 13C and Cancer

I3C, a natural plant compound has been found to be effective against numerous cancer-causing agents including nitrosamines from cigarette smoke. This phyto-compound now has broad applications in the fight against cancer.

Europe Threatening to Ban Dietary Supplements

The recently enacted Food Supplements Directive in Europe is aimed at limiting consumers’ ability to freely choose and use supplements. America may not be far behind. Health activist, John C. Hammell sounds the alarm on this dangerous legislation



Profile: Oz Garcia

Leading author and anti-aging consultant Oz Garcia provides customized longevity plans for his clients. In this profile, Oz discusses his “holographic approach” to longer living through neutraceuticals, diet and exercise.

As We See It

As We See It

You shouldn’t blame doctors for failing to keep up with the latest scientific advances. A new user-friendly book provides the latest medical information, presented lay language. Providing the latest medical information to save lives is the basis for the new Disease Prevention and Treatment book.

In The News

New SARS dangers, expanded research on prostate cancer, T cell enhancement from L-theanine, antioxidants preventing nephropathy, elevated homocysteine and cancer.

Q & A

Q & A

Healthy pets, I3C and cancer, medication effectiveness and grapefruit juice, benefits of curcumin, improving sleep quality, nationwide blood testing.

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