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July 2013

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Reduce Starch-Induced Glucose Surges

All starches, even “healthy” grains, create after-meal glucose and insulin spikes. Researchers have discovered an enzyme known as transglucosidase that reduces the rapid conversion of starch to sugar—and transforms some of it into beneficial fiber—right in your digestive tract. Laboratory studies have shown that with transglucosidase, as much as 40% of the starch ingested is less likely to be rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream.


Aubrey de Grey: Cutting-Edge Longevity Research

Life Extension Foundation® is honored to welcome Dr. Aubrey de Grey, the world’s most acclaimed biomedical gerontologist, to our Scientific Advisory Board. After inheriting $16 million, he donated $13 million to a non-profit anti-aging organization. In this exclusive interview, Dr. de Grey discusses his seven strategies for ending aging.

Shield Yourself Against Solar Radiation

Despite the use of topical sun blocks, skin cancer rates continue to soar. A unique botanical extract, when taken internally, can protect the entire skin from the dangers of solar radiation including DNA mutations, photo-damaged skin (wrinkles), and collagen degradation.

Broad-Spectrum Protection Of Anthocyanins

Rich in bio-active compounds known as anthocyanins, dark berries provide frontline defense against multiple diseases of aging such as cognitive decline, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. In this special report we discuss the 16 top-ranked anthocyanin-rich food sources that provide superior benefits against aging and age-related diseases.

A Safer Alternative for Managing Depression

About 90% of patients taking antidepressant medications experience at least one adverse side effect such as suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and sexual dysfunction. Compelling new findings indicate that saffron is equally as effective as certain medications in treating depression—but without the unwanted side effects. In addition, saffron can safely treat other mood disorders including anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).


As We See It

As We See It

An analysis of fasting insulin and hemoglobin A1c blood levels was conducted in Foundation members. A startling 66% had higher than desired fasting insulin. Over 20% had hemoglobin A1c levels that placed them in a pre-diabetic state. A natural enzyme has been discovered that helps reduce after-meal blood sugar and insulin spikes by converting rapidly digestible starch in the intestines into a fiber that is not absorbed as glucose. Use of this enzyme before starch-containing meals can help protect against glucose intolerance and deadly hyperinsulinemia.

Wellness Profile

Wellness Profile

Aubrey de Grey is the world’s most famous biomedical gerontologist. In this exclusive Life Extension profile, readers will learn about Dr. de Grey’s multi-platform approach to end aging and extend life span indefinitely. 

In The News

Zinc cuts risk of advanced age-related macular degeneration, high homocysteine levels linked to frailty, increased omega-3 levels add years to life span, the prevalence of diabetes is twice as high among those with lowest melatonin levels, green tea prevents beta-amyloid aggregates associated with Alzheimer’s, and more.

Ask The Doctor

Ask The Doctor

Dr. Scott Fogle, Life Extension®’s Director of Clinical Information and Laboratory Services, discusses three blood tests to help readers better manage the risks of high blood sugar.

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