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Life Extension Magazine

December 2016

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The National Magnesium Crisis

The majority of Americans do not obtain enough magnesium, which predisposes them to a host of serious illnesses. Human studies show that low magnesium levels accelerate pathological aging, while higher magnesium intake reduces overall mortality.


How Carnosine Delays Aging

Chronic exposure to glucose damages tissues throughout the body via the glycation process. New human studies demonstrate how carnosine can lower blood sugar/insulin levels and protect our proteins against premature aging.

Taurine and Brain Health

Taurine is a low-cost amino acid whose concentrations in the brain decline with age. Taurine protects against environmental toxins, reduces brain inflammation, and stimulates neuron formation.

Activate Three Pathways Of Longevity

A nutrient found in blueberries called pterostilbene activates anti-aging molecular pathways similar to calorie restriction. Studies show it helps prevent the buildup of cellular waste products.

Curcumin Reverses Stress-Induced Cell Damage

Chronic stress damages the brain’s delicate structures. Curcumin has been shown to reverse some of these harmful changes. In addition, curcumin can reduce symptoms of stress and depression.

Calorie Restriction Update: High-Normal Blood Sugar Shrinks Brain

Blood sugar levels in the high-normal range can result in significant brain shrinkage in areas involved with memory. Learn to control glucose naturally, without medication, and protect your brain function through the online course, The CR Way® to Great Glucose Control.


As We See It

Is Magnesium The Next Vitamin D?

Pancreatic cancer kills 40,000 Americans each year. In a landmark study, increased magnesium intake was associated with a significant reduction in pancreatic cancer incidence. Magnesium is rapidly becoming “the new vitamin D.” We say this because magnesium protects against a host of degenerative diseases, costs very little, and is increasingly recognized as a nutrient that all aging individuals should include in their supplement program.

In The News

Coffee protects telomeres; migraines linked to nutritional deficiencies; omega-3 shortens hospital stays; zinc lowers glucose; aspirin fights cancer; hypertriglyceridemia is a bone-fracture risk; laser treats prostate cancer; CT risks underestimated.

Research Update

Prevent Telomere Shortening

Scientists have discovered that shorter telomeres lead to a higher mortality rate. New studies demonstrate that longer telomeres can be promoted by maintaining adequate intake of specific nutrients.

Author Interview

The DNA Restart

Sharon Moalem, MD, PhD, reveals in his new book, The DNA Restart, how to lose weight, inhibit disease, and reverse aging by following a lifestyle that caters to each person’s unique genetic heritage.

Wellness Profile

Wellness Profile: Paul Mason

Paul Mason’s mission is to educate the world about widespread magnesium deficiency and that higher magnesium intake is urgently needed.

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