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April 2013

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Rebuttal to Attack Against Fish Oil

Despite improvements in prevention and treatment, heart disease kills 600,000 Americans each year, and stroke nearly 130,000. In the face of this epidemic carnage, the American Medical Association published a report questioning the value of fish oil in cardiovascular disease patients. This rebuttal exposes the many flaws in the American Medical Association report, the inaccurate portrayal of it by the media, and the inability of most doctors to understand that successful treatment of atherosclerotic disease requires more than one intervention.


Enhanced Astaxanthin for Better Absorption

Over the past decade, researchers have recognized that astaxanthin’s unique molecular structure traps more free radicals compared to most other nutrients.  Its full benefits, however, have been limited due to its relatively poor absorption ability.  By combining carotenoids like astaxanthin with phospholipids, their bio-availability increases by nearly 12-fold for more potent systemic protection.

Foods that Safely Reduce Blood Glucose

Maintaining optimal blood sugar levels is a powerful predictor of longevity. In addition to the proven strategies used by Life Extension® members, certain foods—notably barley and black beans—can lower blood glucose levels. Incorporating these foods into your diet can help prevent glycemic-related disorders such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and obesity.

Shield Yourself From Environmental Cancer Risks

On a daily basis we are surrounded by environmental toxins found in drinking water, pesticides, and plastics that can trigger the onset of cancer.  Decades of research have shown that cruciferous vegetables help your body neutralize these toxins and slash your risk of cancer by up to 54%.

Misconceptions About Atherosclerosis

Cardiovascular disease causes one of every three deaths in the United States. Most heart attacks and strokes are caused by atherosclerosis. Because mainstream doctors only treat one or two of the multifactorial causes of this disease, heart attacks remain the leading cause of death.  Reduce your risk by taking steps to manage and eliminate all 17 proven causes of arterial disease.

How Atherosclerosis Develops in Aging Humans

At least one of every two Americans over the age of 65 has atherosclerosis. By understanding the development of this disease and controlling the risk factors, you can potentially reverse dangerous occlusions of vital arteries.

Rejuvenate Your Aging Neck

Most skin care regimens target the face in order to reduce the signs of aging.  However, the thin skin on your neck quickly reveals the passage of time through accelerated sagging and wrinkles. Formulators have combined specific cell-communicating compounds that reactivate aging skin cells to repair and tighten the neck’s delicate skin.


In The News

Grape seed extract protects against colorectal cancer; magnesium intake lowers fasting glucose and insulin; anthocyanins reduce heart attack risk up to 32%; curcumin lowers rheumatoid arthritis pain better than common medication; participants sought for study examining calorie restriction’s effect on telomere length; and more.

Book Review

Author Interview

In his new book, Dr. Neal Barnard reveals how new imag­ing techniques allow scientists to better understand the aging brain.  Here, he reveals his groundbreaking 3-step plan that incorporates spe­cific foods, nutrients, and environmental factors to help you prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

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